French Style Kitchen Turns into a Designer's Dream: Kate Smith's Own Kitchen Project

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At the heart of Farmington, designer Kate Smith was struck by the idea of drawing inspiration from a French kitchen style. This vision would later prove to be a significant milestone, as it has now become one of Smith's featured projects. The essence of her design philosophy plays in the ability to blend aesthetics with kitchen functionality. Marble countertops, pristine white cabinetry, and a white tile backsplash all played a pivotal role in the debut of this incredible transformation.

Connecticut kitchen project

The Vision Behind the Project

The last renovation the house saw was decades ago, more precisely around the 1990s. 'I had wanted a house that was a bit of a project,' she said. So it was nothing new in terms of what she was aiming for. At the counter's end, everything was aligning with the challenge that Smith had envisioned—to undertake a renovation, and what's more, to do it in her own home.

french style kitchen design

Kitchen Setting

As you walk in, the kitchen receives you with natural lighting that lingers not only in the kitchen but throughout the entire house. If there is one thing that characterizes Smith's design, it is the use of blues and unique textures across the board. While indulging in the small details of the property, you will find yourself in a calm state, owing to the relaxing nature and color palette with beautiful animal prints. Pops of green and sea blue envelop the entire space, leaving you wondering if you are in a kitchen or an immersive coastal paradise—perhaps both.

When you examine the features that it showcases, you find yourself appreciating the natural patina. The wear and tear of objects are not hidden; they are intended to contribute to the botanical appearance of the place and to complement the exterior. This is a crucial part of the design that you, as the observer, quickly notice. It's a great way to have a place that ages gracefully alongside the house.

beautiful kitchen setting

The CopperSmith Classic CX4 Range Hood

As per the centerpiece of the kitchen, our CX4 range hood was the pinnacle of attention of the entire project. Smith was striving for something that collide with the sophistication of the appliances. "I wanted something as elevated as the range but that didn't compete " Says. What gets anyone wondering an eye on the elevated state of the design is is the brass finish of which the CX4 is made out of. Brass just gives that golden luxurious look that comes in handy when dealing with light handed colors, it draws attention from anyone from just seeing the range hood as part of a functionality appliance. 

cx4 range hood

The CopperSmith Range Hood Testimonial

Custom-Made Pendants

Just as with most elements of the kitchen, the pendants are custom-made to fit. They are wrapped in Schumacher's Elton cotton check fabric. It's these kinds of textiles that contribute to what people often consider the 'home sweet home' look.

kate smith interiors

Concealed Refrigerator

Behind the cabinetry doors is the refrigerator, smoothly integrated into the design, avoiding the need for bulky and grey exterior materials commonly found in most fridges. This integration achieves a minimalistic look while giving in to the organizational ease.

kitchen refrigerator stored

Refinished Hardwood Floors

The hardwood floors were stain on a harlequin patter, It introduces a geometric design that immediately draws an eye an interesting design the kitchen. This flooring pattern adds a sense of dynamism and playfulness to the space, creating an engaging visual element that contrasts beautifully with the kitchen's classic elegance.

wood flooring

Appliance Garage

Just as it sounds. This was what Kate was named after the cabinet that holds no other than a mixer, toaster, and other essentials. Both interior and exterior wood finish fits in the design, giving no importance in weather the cabinet doors are open or not. Through the cabinet window you can see beautiful glassware that accentuates the design of it even further. "The brass grilles from Armac Martin are one of my favorite details in the kitchen" says. 

kitchen storage garage

Shinny Cabinetry as Daylight & Color Scheme

In any kitchen, what strikes one as good is the one that complements natural lighting. Since white surfaces are highly reflective, it is no surprise that white and gold were chosen as the main featured colors not only for the cabinetry but throughout the entire kitchen as well. Although white is a highly versatile color that pairs easily with any other, it makes for a beautiful combination, especially considering the color palette being dealt with as we explore the kitchen. Furthermore, white creates the illusion of a bigger space, making majestic kitchens look even more expansive and setting a particular mood within. Entering an atmosphere of calmness also helps to further appreciate how the perfect combination of colors does exist, considering there is an abstract ideal of color palette combinations. There is white and blue. Although, of course, gold also makes an astonishing presence in the project's decorative elements like handles, faucets, and the range hood itself, it just goes to show how a timeless classic like this never fades away in beauty. So in conclusion:

Sea Blue:

  • Gives off a calming and serene environment, reminiscent of looking at the ocean.
  • It's a versatile way to add color depth without much concern for style matching. Great for various styles, from coastal to contemporary.
  • Complements gold and white perfectly.


  • Contributes to a luxurious and elegant look.
  • Warm gold balances the temperature contrast.
  • It's the perfect way to create focal points.


  • Enhances natural and artificial light.
  • Creates the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Poses as neutral, helping other colors to stand out.

white cabinets

Abstractness On Art and Printing

Art is a reflection of personal taste and an introduction to the mind of the designer. Serving art in an abstract form enhances the color palette, complementing and contrasting with the current color scheme. In this case, we encounter many playful patterns: the use of floral wallpaper and a splash of color in the painting. This creates a juxtaposition of artistic dimensions, as the painting introduces a modern aspect to the kitchen while the wallpaper has a more classical and old-fashioned feel.

abstract painting

Golden Sink Faucet

The warm metallic tones is a make or break when it comes to any kitchen design and this is where this project shines, it mimics the opulance of a luxury kitchen but it still gives you comfort and settlement that you are entering into a sanctuary of mindfulness and having flowers there just adds to the flair of it. If you observe carefully you'll notice that the marble countertop and backsplash come in harmony and its pattern doesn't corrupt the overall aesthetic.

gold color sink faucet

Design Philosophy

Kate Smith's design philosophy touches on elegance, modern flair, and nature revelation. This underscores the importance of building designs that stand the test of time, as this can have a proven effect on encouraging people to conform to what they see as trends evolve. This creates a connection to where Kate's genius lies: in her ability to showcase these timeless elements with an up-to-date and unique perspective. It's not only about recreating the past but reimagining it, adding modern details that enhance her designs and bring them to the forefront of contemporary style.

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Design: Kate Smith Interiors

Photography: Erin Kestenbaum

November 15, 2023