Why are Apron Front Sinks all the Rage?

apron sink

Why Are Apron Sinks So Popular These Days?

We all have that one friend, neighbor, or coworker who is the envy of all. They pull into the driveway with the latest sports car, walking through an immaculately groomed lawn onto a spacious porch. Their children and spouse boast cutting edge technological devices, clad in trendy apparel fresh out of this month's fashion week issue. They have it all together, and their interior must be quite the spectacle. Rich smells crawl out of the chimney during dinner time -- sizzles, beeps, and dish noise fill the air. How does their kitchen stand up to mine?

One might ask. What separates it from an open kitchenette to a lavish, restaurant-like sanctuary? The answer lies in small details, namely in the run of the mill appliances such as the sink. While the purpose of a sink is reasonably self-explanatory, there are a vast number of less conventional design and installation possibilities, taking an ordinary mainstay and transforming it into a kitchen focal point. In this article, we'll look into the popularity of apron (also referred to as farmhouse) sinks, investigating their features, usage, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as some of the reasons their popularity has surged in recent years.

apron sink

Apron Sinks: A General Overview Of Their History, Features, And Function

Apron sinks are a unique aesthetic addition to the kitchen, as they incorporate an exposed front-facing side that juts out from the cabinets. This distinct sink model is not only a visual eye-catcher, but it was also initially designed for practicality purposes. Apron sinks have a deep, full basin, offering an ideal option for large families and individuals who frequently multitask in the kitchen.

For example, one basin could be used for defrosting a frozen chicken breast while the other could be used to wash, cut, and prepare vegetables. The term "farmhouse" is rooted in traditional American families where parents would often bathe their children in the sink's basin.

Furthermore, apron sinks can be replaced with ease if damaged; since the water faucet is separately routed, there are no holes or punctures in the body of the sink, which facilitates removal and replacement. Detach the drainpipe and switch out the basin -- a time and money-saving benefit to these truly versatile appliances. Even with today's progressive interior aesthetic demands, the old-fashioned look of apron sinks is highly desirable, and their practicality makes them difficult to pass up.

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What Are Some Of The Advantages And Disadvantages Of An Apron Sink?

With all appliances, it's essential to consider the pros and cons of each model, determining whether or not it will be an appropriate fit for the kitchen needs. As previously stated, apron sinks are functionally one of the more competitive styles a homeowner can purchase due to their deep basin and easy installation/removal. However, the exposed front end of the sink can allow water to leak down, which will require more cleanup and could cause water damage to the cabinets below.

Since apron sinks are available in a wide variety of materials, the amount of maintenance required will largely depend on this factor. A stainless steel or black sink would arguably demand less upkeep than a copper or granite model, which leads us to the next point: cost. The average cost of an apron sink is around $400 but will fluctuate depending on which material is used. It's a middle of the road investment--on the one hand, it isn't any cheaper than other popular sinks, and its durability and functionality make for a worthwhile purchase.

On the contrary, given the maintenance requirements and possible spike in cost due to material, an apron sink will present a hefty price tag. In conclusion, apron sinks are rising in popularity--their ergonomic design and easy installation make for a sustainable, convenient kitchen experience. Their resurgence in popular kitchen stores, home goods departments, and online manufacturers does not go unnoticed, and the traditional, rustic appeal of these copper farmhouse sinks is undoubtedly here to stay.

May 9, 2020