A Guide to Single vs. Double Sinks

Ryan M. Grambart
Founder & CEO - CopperSmith
Ryan M. Grambart

single vs double kitchen sinks

Two basins are better than one, right? Learn the pros, cons, and differences between single and double kitchen sinks.

A kitchen is a gathering place in any household—it’s where you cook, entertain, and socialize. And you probably utilize your sink more than anything else in your kitchen. It’s so important to have a sink that is functional for your household.

Whether it’s a roomy single sink or a multifunctional double sink, here’s what you need to know about the pros, cons, and differences between single and double basin sinks.

Single Bowl Kitchen Sinks

single sinks pros and cons

A single bowl kitchen sink has one, usually large, basin, with no dividers. Single basin sinks are ideal for small kitchens with limited counter space. They’re also a smart choice for busy and large households with many people and lots of cooking.

According to California-based architect Jerome Buttrick, homeowners are currently choosing single bowl sinks over double bowl sinks. The NKBA Design Trends report predicts that single bowl sinks will dominate kitchen trends over the next few years.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of single bowl sinks:


  • Basin is large enough to wash and soak big items like dishes, pots, and pans
  • Installation is typically less complex and faster
  • Typically less expensive to purchase and install than double sinks
  • Deep sink basins allow you to “hide” dishes


  • If you need to dry dishes, they’ll have to air dry on the counter
  • Can be limiting when you are multitasking in the kitchen

Ideal For Kitchens with Limited Counter Space

Single basin sinks are typically smaller than double basin sinks and take up less counter space. If your kitchen is small or you don’t have room for a long double basin sink, then a single basin sink is ideal for you. One main drawback with single sinks is they don’t have an area to separately soak or dry your dishes. With a single sink, you have to wash all of your dishes at one time, and then let the dishes air dry off to the side of your sink. Is also good practice to check for sizing your over the range vent hood!

Popular Single Kitchen Sink Materials

Single basin sinks are made in a variety of materials, including stainless steel, copper, fireclay, granite composites, granite, porcelain, and more. Farmhouse sinks are a very popular single basin style. They’re known for their wide, deep basins and are commonly made in white porcelain or fireclay.

Stainless steel is the top material for kitchen sinks and remains very much in style. While some styles of stainless steel sinks can look outdated, such as drop-in sinks, many single basin styles are high-end and durable.

Installing and Replacing Single Sinks

Single bowl sinks are easier to install than double bowl sinks because there is only one water drain to connect. During installation, a plumber can install a garbage disposal in a single bowl sink. Single sinks are usually easy for plumbers to replace, though this depends on whether or not it’s an undermount or a drop-in sink.

The Best Single Kitchen Sinks

Single basin sinks look stunning in classic, rustic, and modern kitchens. CopperSmith designs stunning single bowl sinks in a variety of styles and configurations: apron, farmhouse, and undermount. Customers love our single-bowl kitchen sinks because they’re a roomy, functional, and beautiful addition to their kitchen. See below for some of our top single sink models:

  1. Farmhouse Apron Kitchen Sink

Our Kitchen Apron Farmhouse Sink is a customer favorite because of its deep, wide basin and high-quality finishes. Choose from copper, brass, and stainless steel in polished, matte, natural, and rustic finishes to craft your own one-of-a-kind kitchen masterpiece.

  1. Convex Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Our Convex Farmhouse Kitchen Sink features a removable drying rack that also functions as a cutting board ledge. Though this sink only has a single basin, the wide basin and drying rack make multitasking a breeze. The best part? If you don’t want to use the rack, you can remove it to utilize your entire sink.

  1. Undermount Metal Kitchen Sink

Timeless and classic, our Undermount Metal Kitchen Sink is a durable addition to any kitchen design. Make it your own by customizing the finishes, textures, width, depth, height, and drain. Our undermount sinks are handcrafted in 14- or 16-gauge metals, which allows them to perform and last longer.

Double Bowl Kitchen Sinks

double sinks pros and cons

A double bowl kitchen sink has two basins, which can be equally sized, or two different sizes. The two bins are separated by a wall or divider, which can be low or high. Low divide sinks are best for fitting pans with long handles in the sink. High divide sinks are better for soaking dishes or including a drying rack within the second basin. Double basin sinks are ideal for kitchens with plenty of counter space, as they tend to be wider than single basin sinks.

Double bowl kitchen sinks are less popular than they used to be, but they’re still one of the top four trending sink configurations. Before dishwashers, double basin sinks were very practical because one side could be used for food preparation and the other side for soaking. While double bowl sinks are more traditional, they’re not outdated.

Here are a few of the pros and cons of double bowl sinks:


  • Separating the sink into two workspaces is beneficial for busy kitchens
  • Can soak dishes on one side while prepping food on the other
  • The basins can be two different sizes


  • The basin divider may get in the way, especially when washing large dishes and pans
  • Typically not as deep as single basin dishes, so it’s harder to “hide” dishes
  • Not ideal for small kitchens with limited counter space

choosing the right sink

Best for Busy Kitchens With Counter Space

Double basin sinks are a luxury if you have the right amount of space to accommodate them. These types of sinks are ideal for busy households. Their primary purpose is to make dishwashing and multitasking easy. Place dirty dishes and silverware on one side of the sink, and use the other side to prepare meals and wash off dishes. Some people find single basin sinks limiting because dirty dishes can cover up the drain.

Popular Double Kitchen Sink Materials

Similar to single basin sinks, double basin kitchen sinks are made in a variety of materials. Stainless steel, copper, fireclay, and granite composites are some of the most popular double basin materials.

What Are 50/50, 60/40, 70/30, and 80/20 Double Sinks?

Double basin sinks don’t have to have the same size bowls on both sides. Here’s what you need to know about the different double sink proportions:

  • 50/50 - A 50/50 sink’s basins are the same size. These types of sinks are ideal for multitasking. Both sides of the sink have room for rinsing and washing.
  • 60/40 - A 60/40 kitchen sink has one basin that’s around 18 inches wide and another that’s 14 inches wide. The large basin is designed for dishwashing, while the other side is ideal for preparation.
  • 70/30 - A 70/30 sink has one basin that makes up 70% of the sink, while the other basin takes up 30% of the sink. This is one of the most popular double basin proportions.
  • 80/20 - A 80/20 double basin sink is the most extreme of all other proportions. One side of the sink is very small, making it best for rinsing dishes and food.

Installing and Replacing Double Sinks

Installing a double basin sink is a simple process for experienced plumbers. Though it can be a little more expensive than installing a single basin sink, because there are two water drains to connect. If you currently have a double sink and want to replace it with a new double sink style, that’s a relatively easy swap. However, it’s much more challenging to swap a double sink for a single sink, and vice versa. Though, it’s possible to do this. Just be sure you work with a licensed professional because they may need to make changes to your cabinets and countertops.

The Best Double Kitchen Sinks

Double basin sinks are large and spacious and are extremely useful in busy kitchens. CopperSmith specializes in crafting durable, flexible, and high-end double kitchen sinks in a variety of styles. From rustic farmhouse sinks to sleek undermount sinks, view a few of our top double sink styles.

  1. Undermount Metal Kitchen Sink

Make a modern statement in your kitchen with our seamless Undermount Kitchen Sink in the metal of your choice. Choose from sustainable and durable copper, stainless steel, and brass. Customize the size of your double basin sink and choose from our various configurations.  

  1. Farmhouse Double Kitchen Sink

Our Farmhouse Kitchen Sink is certain to be a focal point in your kitchen remodel. This sink style is an undermount but features an apron front, so the metal finish can be seen against your cabinets. Customize our farmhouse sink and choose from our variety of durable, living finishes that gracefully age over time.

  1. Undermount Workstation Kitchen Sink

Busy households need our flexible Workstation Kitchen Sink. This model includes a fully customizable workstation that can be removed. This cutting-edge design makes it easy to prepare meals and clean dishes.

Are Single or Double Basin Sinks Better?

Neither single nor double basin sinks are better than the other. The best sink for your kitchen depends on your budget, kitchen size, and household. Single sinks are ideal for smaller spaces and less busy kitchens, while double sinks tend to be best for large kitchens and busy households.

The most common kitchen size is between 30” and 33” wide, though a standard sink could measure between 24” and 36”. Measure your counter space to help you determine whether you have room for a standard-size sink and any additional room for a double basin sink.

If you choose a single basin sink and decide that you’d like to have more space to prepare drinks and meals, you can opt to include two kitchen sinks in your remodel. It’s very common for kitchens to have one sink for meal preparation and cleaning, and another sink near their bar. Having two kitchen sinks makes it easy for more than one person to work in the kitchen at a time.

Design the Kitchen Sink of Your Dreams with CopperSmith

Whether you’re set on including a single or double basin sink in your kitchen, CopperSmith specializes in durable products that will last for years to come. Each of our kitchen sinks is crafted in natural materials that age beautifully over time. Our team of professionals will help you determine whether a single or double basin style is best for your kitchen space.

Contact our team of sales associates today to learn more about our customization process or ask questions about any of our products. 

July 11, 2023