9 Top Styles Of Sinks You Need To Know About

Whether you are deciding what new kitchen sink to purchase for your home renovation, or curious about the type of sink you have, you’ve come to the right place! There are a wide variety of kitchen sink styles making it difficult to know all your options.

However, by learning all the sink styles available, you can better choose a sink that best fits your personal style and has all the features you want for your daily needs.

In this article, you’ll learn about the top styles of sinks you need to know about. You’ll also learn the three key components you need to look for when understanding the exact kitchen sink style you have in your home.

Top Styles of Sinks

Who knew there were so many different styles of sinks? Below are the top 9 sink styles you need to know about.

1.   Drop-In Kitchen Sink

double bowl drop in sink

A drop-in sink, otherwise known as a top-mount or self-rimming sink, is a style of sink that is installed above the countertop. In other words, the edge of the sink overlaps with the counter space.

A drop-in kitchen sink is one of the most popular sink types. This is due to this sink’s relatively easy installation, quality, and affordability.

You can tell you have a drop-in sink if the weight of the sink is resting on the counter. You’ll notice your sink has about an inch lip around the perimeter where it meets the countertop.

A main disadvantage to the drop-in sink is it is a bit more difficult to clean. Because there is the sink rim that divides the sink from the counter, this prevents you from easily swiping crumbs into the sink from the counter.

Otherwise, if you are looking for an easy installation sink, whether you are doing it yourself or don’t want to pay high costs to install a new sink, a drop-in sink is a popular, reliable choice.

2.   Undermount Kitchen Sink

undermount copper sinks

Undermount kitchen sinks are a trendy sink style that has been starting to become more popular in homes. This is all thanks to the undermount sink’s clean lines and overall modern design.

An undermount kitchen sink, unlike a drop-in sink, is installed below a counter. A sealant is used to connect the countertop opening to the upper edge/ lip of the sink. Therefore, there is no lip or sink edge that overlaps on the top of the counter space.

This makes the sink look sleeker in terms of not having any excess sink edges visible. The undermount sink design makes it easy to swipe crumbs from the counter into the sink.

Although stylistically undermount sinks are stunning, they do come at a cost. Typically, undermount sinks are on the more expensive side, especially compared to a drop-in sink.

This is because undermount sinks are more difficult to install because they require installing from underneath the counter rather than placing on top/ over the counter.

3.   Single Bowl Sink

copper sink

A single bowl sink is any sink that just has one bowl, or basin, that makes up the entire sink. Therefore, if you don’t have a divider separating your sink into more than one bowl, you likely have a single bowl sink.

Although not technically a sink style, it is a type of feature that is associated with different types of sinks. For instance, you can have a drop-in, single-bowl sink. This means your drop-in sink doesn’t have any dividers and only has one basin.

Typically, single bowl sinks are smaller in size. This is great if you have a small kitchen space. However, if you have a large kitchen and normally clean many dishes, you may find a single bowl sink is not best suited for your needs.

4.   Double Bowl Sink

double bowl copper sink

On the other hand, a double bowl sink has two bowls, or basins, that make up the sink. Therefore, if you have a double bowl sink, you should expect a divider that separates your sink into two sections.

Like a single bowl sink, a double bowl sink isn’t necessarily a style of sink, but rather a feature of a sink. For instance, you can have a large drop-in, double bowl sink.

Double bowl sinks are also versatile. You can have a double bowl sink that’s 50/50 where each bowl is the same size or a bowl that is either 60/40 or even 70/30 where one bowl is larger than the other.

The reason you may have one bowl that’s larger than the other is if you are cleaning extremely large dishes, it might not fit in a traditional double bowl 50/50 sink configuration.

5.   Granite Composite Sink

A granite composite sink is a type of sink material made from a mixture of crushed granite and resin filler to make the sink. This makes for a durable, trendy design with a modern edge.

One of the advantages of having a granite composite sink is it’s one of the easiest kitchen sinks to clean. Therefore, you shouldn’t need to use any harsh cleaners or intense scrubbing to make your sink look perfect.

That being said, granite composite sinks are expensive and heavy. However, if you are willing to pay for this aesthetic, modern sink, this is an up-and-coming sink style.

6.   Stainless Steel Sink

stainless steel commercial sink

Another type of kitchen sink material is a stainless steel sink. Stainless steel sinks are a popular sink material found in many sink styles today. This is because stainless steel gives a modern, glossy shine that’s high-quality, without being overly expensive like the granite composite sink. Stainless steel sinks are also one of the easiest sinks to clean, alongside the granite composite sink.

However, although the design and reliability of the stainless steel sink are major selling points, this sink material can experience issues with rusting, scratches, and staining.

7.   Farmhouse Sink

brass farmhouse sink

Another style of kitchen sink is a farmhouse sink or apron sink. A farmhouse sink extends past the countertop so the front part of the sink is exposed. This rustic, charming sink style is a trendy look, especially for those going for a more homey kitchen sink compared to a contemporary undermount sink style.

Farmhouse sinks often have large, deep basins making them a family-friendly kitchen sink that’s great for cleaning lots of dishes! Yet, a farmhouse sink is, unfortunately, one of the more costly sinks because the installation process requires you to cut the counter so the front end of the sink can be exposed.

8.    Integrated Sink

An integrated sink is a unique, custom way to make a statement in your kitchen. An integrated kitchen sink is when the sink and the countertop are made with the same material, usually all in one piece, giving you a seamless sink look.

Unlike a drop-in sink where the edges of the sink overlap the counter or even an undermount sink made of two different materials for counter and sink, an integrated sink and countertop give a cohesive, custom look.

This cohesive design makes your kitchen sink look simple, clean, and sophisticated. However, since integrated kitchen sinks require custom design, this means you need a professional who can do this type of sink installation, which can get costly.

9.   Corner Sink

Last but not least, a corner sink, as the name suggests, is when there is a corner of the counter that separates the sink into two separate bowls. Therefore, if you have a double bowl sink separated by a corner, you have a corner sink.

Though rather uncommon, a corner sink is a unique sink style that optimizes your counter space. That being said, the installation process is tricky, as it requires custom cuts made into your counter which can get expensive.

What type of sink style do you have?

Now that you know about the top sink styles, you may be still wondering what kind of sink you have. To better understand your sink type, assess the style, bowl number, and material of the sink.

Style Of Sink

The style of your sink is typically how your sink is installed, giving it an overall look or design. For instance, an undermount sink style has clean lines because the lip of the sink is sealed onto the bottom of the countertop with the help of a  silicone sealant.

The sink style doesn’t just impact the sink aesthetic, but the practicality of the sink. For example, for an undermount sink, you can easily sweep crumbs from the counter into the sink because there is no sink rim between the counter and sink basin.

Bowl Number

Another critical component to look for in your specific sink style is how many bowls your sink has. Most kitchen sinks either have a single bowl or double bowl sink.

Material Of Sink

Finally, assess the material the sink is made of. Stainless steel sinks are the most common material of sinks. However, there is a wide selection of other sink materials like granite, quartz, fireclay, etc.

Kitchen Sink Trends

Now that you know some of the top styles of sinks, let’s take a look at some past trendy kitchen styles, and some sink styles that are popular today.

In 2021 and 2022, kitchen trends have been focused on all things modern and minimalistic. With a focus on clean, sleek lines for kitchen design, this trend has manifested in popular kitchen sink trends of today.

Below are some ways the modern, minimalistic kitchen design trend has taken form in styles of kitchen sinks.

Undermount Sink Trend

The undermount sink style is arguably the most popular sink style today. With its seamless clean lines, this sink trend offers both practicality and stylish design.

Undermount sinks give a minimalistic, high-quality look because there are no edges that separate the flow from countertop to sink. Therefore, your eye only notices the clean lines of the sink, unlike the sink’s edge on other types of sink styles.

Likewise, because there aren’t any overlapping sink edges on the counter, this makes it easy to swipe crumbles on the counter straight into the sink without interruption from any sink edge.

Integrated Quartz Sink Trend

Want an even better seamless sink look?

The integrated kitchen sink trend takes clean lines and sleek design to a whole new level. This is because an integrated sink style integrates the countertop material to create the sink with the same material.

A specific trendy integrated sink style is the integrated quartz kitchen sink. Quartz material itself is a stylish, durable material that makes for a reliable material that also looks visually appealing.

Therefore, if you want a contemporary kitchen sink style that is in demand, consider this integrated quartz sink style.

Integrated Marble Sink Trend

Following the integrated sink style trend, the integrated marble kitchen sink is another popular sink design. Not only does it provide the sleek, minimalistic look of being an integrated sink, but the marble material adds a beautiful, high-end design that is sure to impress.

It’s important to keep in mind that integrated sinks are one of the most expensive sink styles due to the need to match both the countertop and sink with the same material. This inevitably requires professional help to install properly, which can be costly. Additionally, if you don’t have a countertop that you want your sink to be (of that same material), you may need to completely replace your countertops to achieve the exact integrated kitchen sink look your want.














January 25, 2023