Should You Consider A Zinc Table For Your Kitchen?


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With striking views, state of the art furniture, and a strategic floor plan, modern home design is becoming a fine art. Regardless of whether or not the home is a rustic log cabin or a glassy duplex, the amount of intricate planning, upfront costs, and detailed finishing touches are endless, and it only intensifies upon entering the kitchen. Entering this coveted environment will often give homebuyers and guests the first impression of the entire space; its ambiance, versatility, and overall layout give a significant glimpse into the family’s lifestyle and how they decide to design the rest of their home.

Within the kitchen, cutting edge, innovative appliances and homeware are of utmost importance, as these elements will catch guests’ eyes, inviting them in and adding substantial value to the unit as a whole. The dining table is no exception. Holiday meals, after school projects, and Friday night board games are only a few of the many scenarios in which the table involves, which means that investing in the proper material will help prolong its lifespan and provide years of entertainment. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at a quirky, uncommon kitchenware material: zinc. We’ll find out its composition, properties, role in the kitchen, and whether or not it is a worthy investment for the family.


Zinc: A General Overview Of Composition, Features, And Function In The Kitchen And Beyond


Let’s rewind a few years and take a seat in science class. The periodic table of elements represents the numerous elements found in everyday objects, and zinc is undoubtedly one of them. Entitled “Zn” on the infamous chart, zinc is an element that originates from the Earth’s crust and is produced all around the world to be implemented in various items such as health supplements, machines, and different tools.

One of the most common uses of zinc is in the galvanization of steel and iron, which helps in the prevention of corrosion and environmental exposure due to its oxide coating. Aside from the complicated description, zinc has found its way into more conventional settings, namely, the kitchen. Zinc is an eclectic, attention-drawing material that fits well in kitchens whose designs are that of an industrial, warehouse aesthetic. The silvery finish can be adorned below with wooden or steel legs, ornate detailing, and can be further reinforced with panels.


Contrary to stainless steel, zinc is a chameleon-like surface, adapting to its environment and changing shades accordingly. Many homeowners desire this trait, as it adds character and depth to the home as years progress. Furthermore, zinc is a non-porous metal, meaning it can easily be cleaned with a simple scrub of soap and water, whereas other materials absorb grime and require frequent, heavy-duty upkeep. Zinc also shares a similar composition to copper and contains antibacterial properties, which will further facilitate the cleaning process, saving precious time and money for the homeowner. These are a few of the reasons it makes an excellent choice other home products, like zinc range hoods.

Unfortunately, zinc is a soft surface, meaning that it is easily scratched. If not careful, these small scratches add up and can significantly damage the integrity of the finish, requiring an entire replacement. Additionally, it’s a costly material that often comes in distinguished shapes, racking up the installation bill as many times a small percentage is added to these less common requests. It’s essential to weigh these advantages and disadvantages while determining whether or not a zinc table is an appropriate choice for the kitchen.

The Verdict On Whether Or Not Zinc Is A Suitable Material For Countertops?


The bottom line is that the choice to implement a zinc table is at the discretion of the homeowner. If they have a large family and are frequently dining, it may be best to steer clear of the material and purchase a sturdier surface. However, zinc will provide a funky, new age feel to any space and can certainly be a wise investment on the part of the homeowner and for the home’s continued increase in value.


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