Using An Apron Front Sink in your Bathroom

Using an Apron Front Sink in Your Bathroom

At CopperSmith, we carry three popular types of copper bathroom sinks: drop-in, undermount, and vessel. Between these three single-bowl styles, most of our customers find the perfect solution for their bathroom. If you’re looking for something a bit different, a copper apron front sink can be a unique and dramatic option for your bathroom. Typically reserved for kitchens, an apron front sink can work equally as well in a bathroom.

Thanks to our wide selection of types and sizes of apron front sinks, you can find one that suits even a smaller bathroom. Available in single and double bowl designs, the undermount design allows them to be mounted on all types of countertops. As with all of our copper products for the home, our apron front sinks are available in a variety of colors and patinas. Choose the one that best suits the style you want for your bathroom. Remember that the entire front of your sink will be exposed, so take your time checking out our different patinas right here on our site.

Once you know which sink you want, you need to make a few other decisions:

  • Cabinet: A cabinet of any color or material will work, but a dramatic copper apron front sink usually looks best with a relatively simple and clean cupboard design and finish. Anything too fussy will detract from the visual presence of the sink. Make sure you choose a model that can receive an apron front sink in the dimensions you want. It will be easier to find a kitchen cabinet designed for an apron front sink than a bathroom-specific one.
  • Countertop: Another choice of personal preference, the type, and color of your countertop depends on the style you’re trying to achieve. We think that copper looks great with natural materials like stone and concrete, creating a truly harmonious look. You can also choose a fun mix of ceramic tiles to create a unique pattern that suits the patina of your copper sink. Make sure to measure the height of your cabinet and sink to ensure it’s at a comfortable height.
  • Faucets: Having a beautiful copper apron front sink without the right faucets can ruin the look. Finish off your bathroom sink installation with faucets that match the style you’re going for. Shiny chrome faucets can contrast nicely with a light hand-hammered copper finish, while darker copper often looks best with a darker faucet, such as a burnished steel or pewter finish. You can always install your sink first and select your new faucets once you see how it looks in place.

As you can see, a copper apron front bathroom sink may not be an obvious choice, but it’s an original way to add convenience and beauty to your bathroom. If you need any more information, you can give us a call at 1-888-431-4677, fill out our handy online contact form, or email us at We look forward to telling you more about how a copper apron front sink can work perfectly in your bathroom!

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