The Truth About Copper Sinks

Hand Hammered Apron Front Copper Sink


#1 Will my copper sink change in color? 

The problem with this question is it is too broad. The truth is, it depends. Different companies have different processes and capabilities and are going to market what they have. The simple fact is, there are three types of finishes that are popular among copper sink manufacturers today. From here, we are going to transparently describe each finish, in hopes that your copper sink buying decision will be easier. You will notice that different sink finishes will react differently as they become exposed to the elements. Don’t make the mistake of buying a sink that appeals to you visually, yet does not meet your care expectations.


Finish 1 – Designer Front Farmhouse 

We all know copper patinas. Of all the places to use copper and try to stop the patina, the sink proves to be the most challenging. Think about it; it’s the exposure to elements and minerals that spur the patina to surface. For the homeowners that want to purchase a copper sink at a particular stage in the patina, the process usually involves artificially producing the patina and then sealing it to lock it in.


Is a Designer Front Apron sink right for you? If you’re looking for a particular patina or metal finish on the apron front sinks, but don’t want to deal with potential scratches or maintenance of custom finish in the basin. This allows for the perfect balance between classic & sustainable sink options. Select your texture & finish – and have it sealed for a maintenance-free finish.




Finish 2 – Artisan Natural – Recycled Finish 

All of our sinks can be made in an artisan patina. These are hand-hammered from recycled copper and then finished with natural oils to bring out the vibrant colors. The advantage this finish has over the sealed finish is the patina is brought out using natural heat. It’s finished with a  protective wax & oil. If you scratch, the new patina will likely blend right in with the finish of the sink as it patinas. Also, you can always get refinishing oil to refinish the sink if you need too.

Copper Apron Sink


This finish is perfect for the homeowner that likes a natural, authentic texture along with vibrant patinas. More durable and sustainable than the sealed finish, and re-finish-able.

You can find Artisan Natural sinks in 14 or 16 gauge copper, hammered and smooth, in a variety of custom and stock options. These sinks are a living finish but it’s much more stable than natural copper, making it a good option for some. Fully eco-friendly packaging.



Finish 3 – Natural Copper

For those that don’t want to stop coppers natural patina, but embrace it, the new trend is our modern copper undermount sinks. This sink will arrive bright, without any sealants or patinas. The process from that point is pretty simple. You use it naturally. You don’t worry about patina forming because that is the whole appeal of copper. Imagine a copper penny; it gets a dark brown patina. Your sink will do the same over the years. The great thing about this finish is a scratch is meaningless. It will blend shortly. If you want to have the sink brighter, you can just hit it with a scotch bright pad occasionally. A raw copper sink is a completely sustainable, unique and growing trend.

Copper Sink with Rack

The natural copper finish is perfect for the homeowner looking to embrace patina as it naturally occurs. You don’t have to worry about scratches. Over time, you’ll appreciate the natural beauty and sustainability. This is a Redsmith Copper Sink with natural patina. The secret is to occasionally spray with Bayes teak cleaner and wash gently with a scotch bright pad from time-to-time. This creates a natural copper look that is anti-microbial. Since copper is corrosion resistance naturally, this original design will continue to be a popular choice.




Finish 4 – Sealed 

Having your sink sealed for the homeowner looking to keep the sink exactly as is. Sealants across the industry vary in quality,  application technique, and warranty. We recommend copper kitchen sink basins to be living finish. Bathrooms and bar sinks are a better candidate for sealed sinks, but sill recommends a living finish. Products such as Range Hoods are excellent candidates for a sealed finish.









#2 What gauge should I go with?

14 gauge sinks are over 33% thicker than 16 gauge sinks, are less susceptible to damage in transit and after installation. You’ll also appreciate the more premium look heavy gauge sinks offer, and the peace of mind knowing you invested in a sink that will last a lifetime – a truly sustainable choice.  Here is a link to a thickness guide from basic copper. It shows what thickness you should use for different products. You’ll notice the lower the gauge, the thicker the metal! We encourage customers to purchase a gauge testing tool and keep the companies they purchase from honest! Our findings have been that our 14 gauge sinks weigh 30-40% more than other companies advertised as 14 gauge…


#3 Will Copper Sinks Drain Properly?

The truth is, if you go with a hammered copper sink, it will hold a small amount of water and not drain perfectly. This is especially true for larger hammer marks than can create more of an indent and place for water to pond up. Smooth copper sinks, with sloped basins, will drain perfectly.


#4 Will my sink survive delivery?

Regardless of packaging, a quality made product will standard up better to the rigors of transport. Look for a copper sink with a full welded apron design, without it – You’ll be sure to have a damaged sink delivered or even worse – suffer damage after installation when somebody leans up against your sink. You sink should be packaged in a minimum of 3 ply cardboard or 1/2″ plywood along with 2″ of foam or honeycomb.


It’s no secret that copper sinks have been all the rage lately among top home and garden bloggers, interior designers contractors.  The conversation about copper sinks usually begins because of the obvious visual appeal copper sinks have. After the cost have been allocated, the size and sink selected, we usually get this question directly from the consumer and architects. 


Hopefully, this article properly addresses the truth about copper sinks and has cleared any confusion or concerns about purchasing one for yourself. For more information on copper sink finishes, call us directly at 888-431-4677.