The Difference Between Residential & Commercial Range Hoods

Copper Range HoodsRange hoods are used to vent bad odor away from your kitchens during and after cooking. Whether you own a small kitchen space in your home or need to pull odors away from your commercial establishment, it’s important to install a good working range hood. However, most people don’t realize that residential and commercial range hoods are different from each other. CopperSmith specializes in Quality Copper Range Hoods but there are many choices.

Kitchen Range Hoods

While both commercial and residential gas hoods are available in different sizes and styles, commercial ranges are manufactured from heavier materials. This makes commercial range hoods more durable than standard residential ranges. It’s worth mentioning that commercial gas ranges also generate way more cooking power. They are also larger, and lead to more cooking capacity.

In order to make the best choice when choosing gas hoods, you need to consider some important factors. Below are helpful aspects so that you make an informed choice:

Weight is a Factor

Since commercial vent hoods are heavier, they require buttressing or reinforcing the floor. This makes sure the floor is able to take their weight and does not cause any major problems. It’s important to consider the weight of the equipment.

Building Codes

This is perhaps one of the most important differences in residential and commercial gas ranges. When you want to install a commercial range hood, you need to comply with local building codes. Regardless of where you install it, you will have to comply with all the regulations in your area. It’s important to check with reputed vendors in your area and gather more information. You can also check for this information on the Internet.

Exhaust Hoods

As mentioned earlier, a residential gas range produces lower cooking temperature. Therefore, it does not require a high end exhaust hood. On the other hand, a commercial gas range needs a range hood that matches the capacity of the stove. The commercial vent hood is important to keep your kitchen safe. It effectively vents out combustion gases out of your kitchen. In most cases, homeowners install basic hoods to vent gases and odors.

Safety Measures

Commercial range hoods come with a lot of safety measures. These equipment have lights that turn on and off according to the level of combustion in the kitchen. Some high end range hoods also have advanced safety features, and different speed settings.


It’s important to understand that commercial style range hoods are aesthetically more appealing. They have a very commercial look. As mentioned earlier, they are heavier than residential range hoods, but generate way more power. They are necessary in every commercial establishment to make sure the staff members and customers don’t experience any problems regarding bad odor and combustion gases.

Quality Range Hoods

These days, commercial range hoods can be easily bought online. There are many vendors who have their own websites. You can check the product catalog, and find a range hood suitable for your establishment. However, you should consider all the factors discussed in this post to make the best choice. You need to look for an experienced vendor offering products at affordable prices.

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