Copper Coffee & End Tables

CopperSmith® copper coffee and end tables are perfectly suited for a special and unique residential space, as well as the busy commercial & restaurant setting. We use a wide variety of natural materials & artisan craftsmanship to bring your vision to life. Buy copper coffee tables for your home from us today!

9 Item(s) Products

9 Item(s) Products

Add an Element of Elegance With a Copper Coffee Table


One of the very best ways to add a little copper to your home is with a copper top coffee table. Copper coffee tables are not entirely made of copper. Usually, they are a copper top attached to a wooden base. This makes them very sturdy and ideal for everyday use. Add some charm and elegance to your favorite living spaces by ordering a copper top coffee table from CopperSmith today!


Lovingly Crafted Copper Coffee Tablescopper coffee table


At CopperSmith, we appreciate the skills of our world-class artisans. Each time you order a copper coffee table top from us, you’re getting a custom-created piece. After the order has been placed, our expert craftsmen will transform recycled copper into long sheets. Then, they will hammer these heated sheets around a strong plywood substrate form. This will become the copper table top. From that point, you can attach the copper table top to any type of base.


Use Copper Coffee Tables for Decoration


Who says that a copper coffee table has to sit in front of the sofa or loveseat? Copper coffee tables make terrific conversation pieces and are perfect as décor elements. Place your CopperSmith copper coffee table in your front hallway as a place to hold your family portraits, a vase of fresh lilies or a potted plant. Copper coffee table tops can go indoors and outdoors, so don’t forget to add a copper coffee table to your cabana or sundeck. The possibilities for interior design are truly endless when you have a copper top coffee table!


Cleaning Copper Is Easier Than You Thought


Worried that you’re going to have to spend lots of time keeping your copper table top spotless? It’s actually quite simple to maintain any type of copper item in your home. Copper doesn’t require any special kind of cleaning product. Warm water and mild detergent or soap will suffice. Use a soft cloth to wash and dry the copper after it’s been wiped of any residue, dust or debris. Just make sure that acids and harsh chemicals are not used on copper. If you do use it as a traditional coffee table, use coasters and never place glasses directly on the copper, as this can lead to temporary “rings.”


Changing Patinas for a Lifetime of Interest


One of the most talked-about aspects of copper is that it changes color over time. When you purchase a copper table top for your coffee table from CopperSmith, you will be asked to choose a basic patina. However, it’s important to realize that copper will evolve from that patina. The evolution will be subtle, and the general color scheme will stay the same. This means you can continue to enjoy your ever-changing copper coffee table for generations.


Place Your Order for a Hand-Hammered Copper Top Coffee Table


The sooner you place your order for a hand-hammered copper coffee table, the sooner you can enjoy it in your home!

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