When creating a distinctive kitchen that reflects your personality, taste, and style, don’t overlook the common kitchen sink. Great design is in the details, and expertly-designed, handmade copper sinks can bring new life to your kitchen and bathrooms. Whether you’re after the clean lines and brilliant finish of a modern design, or the rustic warmth of hammered copper in a dark, bronze patina; CopperSmith® copper sinks are the finishing touch your kitchen has been waiting for.

The superior craftsmanship, optimal functionality, unmatched longevity, and a maintenance-free finish of our copper farmhouse, kitchen, & bathroom sinks are hard to beat. In the kitchen, copper’s natural anti-microbial properties, which eliminate bacteria and fight food-borne pathogens, make it the healthier choice. Our undermount sinks are designed to retrofit your existing countertop surface with ease, bringing new life to your kitchen without the hassle of a difficult installation. Our copper bar sinks (also available in nickel plating) come in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures and patinas perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

You'll find the available options for our copper farmhouse, kitchen, & bathroom sinks on our product pages. If you don't find copper sinks in the size or shape you need, contact us for a free custom quote.

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