Selecting the Right Faucet for Your Copper Tub

How to Select the Right Faucet for Your Copper Tub

Technically speaking, most styles of faucets will work for your copper tub. It would be a shame to install a drop-in tub and hide the beauty of the copper exterior, so our copper tubs are of the free-standing style. Faucets are installed separately, so depending on the space you have available and the layout of your bathroom, you can opt for floor-mounted or wall-mounted faucets.

As with all of our copper home products and accessories sold here at CopperSmith, our bathtubs are available in a variety of beautiful patinas. They vary from light penny-colored copper to much darker and intense finishes. The taps you choose depend on your personal preference. In general, we find our customers like to choose according to their style of copper tub and its finish.

In our CopperSmith catalog, you’ll find three basic types of tubs. Each type looks best with a different kind of faucet:

  • Traditional clawfoot tubs are elegant and timeless and invite you to close your eyes and relax for a long while. Old-fashioned porcelain faucets look great with this type of tub, as the clean white finish sets off the rich copper color of the tub itself. Most hardware and bathroom shops carry white porcelain faucets with chromed steel pipes for a sharp look, with long spouts and shower nozzles for convenience.
  • Old-fashioned freestanding soaker tubs share the same basic appeal as claw-foot tubs but with a deeper design that sits directly on the floor. This kind of tub looks great in the middle of a large bathroom so you can appreciate the design from every side. Available in darker copper finishes, we’d suggest pairing this type of soaker tub with simply plated faucets that don’t distract from its attractive appearance.
  • Contemporary freestanding soaker tubs combine the appeal of classic copper with a clean, simple oval or round shape. With no extra design details, our contemporary soaker tubs can truly be included with any décor. These tubs are available in darker patinas, so sleek, modern faucets looks best in pewter, brushed steel or charcoal finishes. Avoid light-colored faucets, which tend to distract your eye from the tub itself.

When you take the time to pick faucets that pair well with your tub, you’re highlighting the beauty and appeal of the copper. Don’t waste the potential of your copper tub with the wrong faucets. We invite you to contact us for more information, either by phone at 1-888-431-4677  by filling out our handy online contact form, or by emailing us at Our experienced CopperSmith team can help you choose the faucets that will coordinate perfectly with your copper tub and turn your bathroom into an appealing oasis!

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