Installing Copper Farmhouse Sinks

How to Install a Copper Farmhouse Sink

A copper farmhouse sink, or apron front sink, is simple, practical and looks great. It gives your kitchen a unique appearance you’re sure to love.

If you’ve never had a copper farmhouse sink before, you may be concerned about the correct way to install it. Even if you’ve installed a standard sink before, you’ll find that putting in a copper farmhouse sink is just a little bit different from what you’re used to. Fortunately, installing a copper farmhouse sink is not difficult at all. Here are the basics.

Installing Your Copper Farmhouse Sink Step-by-Step

The traditional kitchen sink simply drops into a hole in the countertop, but an apron front sink slides into a gap in the countertop where the base cabinet supports it.

The trick here is that the apron front sink doesn’t get as much natural support as a traditional drop-in sink. You want to make sure your farmhouse sink has as much support as possible, so you’ll want to add your own supports.

Step 1

Measure the height of the sink, from the top where it aligns with the surface of the countertop to the bottom of the sides, which are going to rest on the supports. Mark this measurement on the interior cabinet sides.

Step 2

Position a 2×4 on one cabinet side with the top even with the measurement, and attach with construction adhesive and screws. Do the same with the other cabinet side.

Step 3

Now you will cut out the front of the base cabinet where you will insert the sink. Measure the height of the sink front and add 1/8th inch as you mark the cabinet for the cutout so the sink can rest above the cut edge. Use a saw to cut out the proper opening.

Step 4

Now, simply insert the sink. Make sure the 2x4s can support the bottom of the sink. If the sink is not level, add tapered wood to adjust where necessary. Use caulk to seal up any gaps around the sink, below the sink front or between the sink and countertop.

That’s all there is to it! Your new apron front sink should be ready to go.

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