Hammered Copper Products

Hand Hammered Copper

When remodeling, hammered copper fixtures and finishes are an option that offer natural warmth and high-end appeal. But there are other reasons to consider hammered copper. Check out these benefits of copper products:

Hammered Copper Sinks

Hammered copper sinks are available in variety of contemporary, antique, and artisan styles. They are among the most environmentally-friendly options for bathroom and kitchen fixtures (many made from recycled materials) and also some of the longest-lasting. Best of all—with the right hammered copper sink supplier—you are essentially buying a unique work of art.

The advantages of copper?

Copper is as easy to clean and maintain stainless steel. A mild soapy solution and warm water is all that is needed. Consumer waxes and polishes are available to achieve a perfect shine, or you can rely on the natural, self-repairing abilities of a copper patina.

Copper has natural anti-bacterial properties that help to minimize the presence of harmful micro-organisms in bathrooms and kitchens. Illnesses and infections may be reduced significantly by the presence of copper fixtures and appliances. Double bowl 1

Hammered Copper Roofs

Hammered copper roofs have great advantages. They have aesthetic appeal, are environmentally-friendly, versatile and extremely long-lasting. Here are a few of the benefits of copper roof products:

  • Hammered copper roofing tiles are extremely durable and can resist damage for hundreds of years, which a amounts to substantial savings on the cost of repairs and replacements. While the initial outlay for a hammered copper roof is higher than a conventional one, the value of the long-term benefit exceeds the up-front cost substantially.
  • New copper roof tiles have a brilliant, gleaming finish that evolves to the attractive sage-green hue of aged copper, producing a stately aesthetic that cannot be achieved with paint or vinyl coatings.
  • Hammered copper tiles are versatile and resist corrosion. They work well on a number of residential, industrial and commercial structures. Opting for copper roofing materials is one of the best ways to add value to a structure while staving off a number of common and costly, moisture-related issues.
  • Copper tiles are wholly recyclable and have a limited impact on the environment. Moreover, given that hammered copper typically is supplied in pre-cut tiles, labor costs are less because there is no on-the-job cutting.
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