Copper Pendant Lights

Why Would A Home Owner Consider Copper Pendant Lights?

copper pendant light
The holy grail of beautiful home decor is finding the perfect combination of functionality and
aesthetics. The items that you choose to incorporate within your living space must be useful and
also speak to you, your family and your guests on a deeper, aesthetic level. This is the reason
that lighting is such an important component of home decor. Not only is it a good way to create
ambiance, but it is arguably one of the most functional and necessary aspects of your living space.

In this article we look at why a home owner would consider using copper pendant lights instead of
ordinary lighting to decorate the living area.

Top Reasons For Using Copper Pendant Lights

We have looked at the importance of lighting in our homes. Finding the correct model when it comes
to lights is a skill that home makers are encouraged to cultivate. By skill we mean that the
lighting chosen should be both comforting and useful. It should flatter the shades and existing
decor of your house while at the same time providing adequate and effective visibility. Many home
makers and interior decorators try focusing on the ambiance aspect and end up excluding the idea
that lighting has to be functional as well. To help you in understanding how to choose models that
combine the two, we have come up with a comprehensive list of why one should opt for copper pendant
lights when it comes to decorating the living space.

Ambiance: The first thing that strikes someone when viewing a copper pendant light is the rustic
charm that it gives off. The copper pendant light is a great product by itself because not only
does it ensure that the lighting is effective, but the design of the lamp is a great asset when it
comes to improving your home decor.

Copper pendant lights usually have two components:

· The chain attached to the lamp and the ceiling

· The copper canopy that shades the naked bulb
Understanding this is the first step towards picking the appropriate light for your home. The
pendant structure is great for those who wish to add a rustic charm to their homes. Copper pendant
lights complement cozy decor such as heavy curtains, plush armchairs and soft carpeting in a great
way. In addition, the fact that they are hung from the ceiling instead of being common table lamps
is an innovative addition that can be incorporated as part of a unique home decoration plan. The
pendant lights cast a warm glow wherever they are placed and this is a perfect way of creating a
comfortable and inviting ambiance.

Versatility: The other reason home makers should consider investing in a copper pendant light is
its versatile nature. The lamps come in various shapes and sizes. Here is a small list of the
popular models of copper lights that are available in home stores these days:

· Lanterns Shaped Lights

· Barn Lights

· Close, domed lights

· Vintage industrial lights

· Rustic, cage shaped lights

· Classic inverted open domes

The great part of having multiple models is that it lends versatility to the lights. This means
that you can use the lights to decorate any area of your house. For instance, the caged lights can
be used if you already have an ultra modern home decor that is bordering on minimalist designs.
Likewise, the vintage industrial lights make a good addition to garden houses or other outdoor
spaces where you can entertain guest for a barbeque dinner. Copper pendant lights are a perfect way
to add stylized rusticity to every corner of your home.

Functionality: The third and most important reason for considering copper pendant lights is that
they are functional in addition to being aesthetically appealing. The closed dome structure, for
example, has a small opening to let the light spill out. In case one is looking to decorate the
kitchen area or the dining room, this is a perfect option as it helps focus the light at the food
served. A good way to ensure that your guests have a great dining experience is by allowing maximum
visibility along with a comforting environment. Similarly, a lamp such as the caged model is a good
way of providing anyone with enough light to carry on daily activities. The reason that
functionality must be stressed is twofold. On one hand, for any lamp to be a good investment one
must keep in mind that its primary function is to provide adequate light. The second is that if the
copper pendant lights give off more than sufficient light it reduces your need to install white
tube lights that can hamper the overall ambiance of your house.

Durability: One of the fundamental and essential quality of good home decorative items is
durability. Copper pendant lamps by virtue of their metallic composition are durable as well as
safe for use. Using copper to make artifacts that can stand the test of time is an age old method.
When one is investing in lighting, the use of a versatile and durable material is recommended.

Copper pendant lights are all the rage these days and with good reason. They cater perfectly to the
idea of combining aesthetics with utility. Buying lamps should be something that every home maker
considers. While it is true that any lamp, whether it be a table lamp or a pendant one is a good
way to enhance the cozy atmosphere of your house copper pendant lights are a notch superior than

While buying copper pendant lights, however, one must keep in mind that over time the chances of
the canopy developing a greenish tone are significant. This is because the metal will be prone to
getting oxidized due to the heat generated by the light bulb. The greenish tone is something can
home owners can (and should) embrace as a natural process that adds to the charm of using copper as
a part of the home decor. However, if there are still consumers who do not wish to see this slight
tinge on the lamp, they can decor. However, if there are still consumers who do not wish to s
opt for models that incorporate anti-oxidation protective coating.

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