Copper Dining Table

How to care for a copper dining table

If you own a copper dining table or a copper table top, you know how beautiful, durable and practical it is. And while it won’t take a lot of elbow grease to keep it in tip-top shape, it’s still going to require some care.

Here’s a rundown on how to keep your copper tabletop looking A-1:

-Although copper is a resilient material, you should still beware of what you put on your tabletop. While most copper tabletops come with a protective wax coating; using coasters and trivets is advisable for hot items. Also, you can avoid tarnishing or fading your tabletop by placing ferrous-metal objects on it, such as a metal pottery vase, decorative plate, or candlestick holders.

-Limit exposure to direct sunlight as this will contribute to discoloration of your copper tabletop. If the room has intense sunlight during the day, pull down the curtains or close the blinds to limit your copper table’s exposure to direct sunlight.

-To clean your copper tabletop, dust it on a frequent basis. It’s not necessary to clean it with water or a liquid-cleanser. Apply a paste wax roughly two times a year.

-Avoid placing any electrical appliances atop your copper top dining table. The reason: copper, like other metals, conducts electricity.

-Hammered copper dining tables are the best choice if you cringe at the thought of high maintenance. Copper demands the least amount of care and will give you pleasure for many years of use due to its durability.

-If you want a glossier look on your copper tabletop, use polyurethane. But if you prefer the antiquated, vintage, rustic appearance, forget the polish. Allow your copper tabletop to age gracefully.

-Preserving the shiny, glossy look of your copper is easy. Simply use furniture or even automobile wax on a consistent basis. This will shield the copper’s surface and add an additional layer of protectionl. One of the biggest benefits of using wax on a consistent basis is that it prevents patina from forming. Therefore, your copper tabletop will retain its new appearance.

-If you prefer the aged look, there are kits you can use that are designed to speed up the aging process of copper. These kits can be found at your local hardware store. If you are on a tight budget and prefer not to spend the extra cash, you can use baking soda by mixing it with water in order to give your table an antiquated rustic look.

-Avoid pouring acidic drinks or placing acidic foods onto your copper table’s surface. This could eradicate the patina in the material.

-Many people confuse copper and bronze. Although they look nearly identical in color, they are two completely different metals altogether.

-The thermal conductivity of copper tabletops is very high. This means that heat can quickly transfer onto the tabletop. For example, placing a hot-boiling pot onto the table will cause the copper tabletop to become extremely hot.

Overall, a copper dining table is a fantastic addition to any metal dining set. You can create an eating area that is unique and in a class all by itself.

Absolutely beautiful product--everything I wanted and more!! - Tracy