Copper Bathroom Fixtures

Copper Bathroom FixtureOne of the reasons that copper became so popular as a plumbing material is because of its anti-bacterial nature. Since plumbing usually leads to ingestion at some point, it’s important to make sure that what the plumbing carries is as healthy as possible. Now you can take it one step further with copper plumbing fixtures and other modern copper items that will make your bathroom a unique sanctuary. World CopperSmith can help.

Create a Vintage Bathroom

Copper offers a look like no other material. The color of the material alone stands out and speaks of the quality of the home, but when you combine modern techniques with skilled craftsman, you can create a vintage look with everything from copper bathroom sinks and copper plumbing fixtures to a copper bathtub in your vintage bathroom.

Set the Tone with Flooring

Enjoy all modern plumbing benefits, but make a statement using copper in your bathroom. Start with a tiled floor or you might even consider using wood flooring that has an aged look. The flooring will help create an atmosphere that says you stepped back in time. What you put on that floor is going to help develop a timeless atmosphere.

Instead of installing the usual boring fiberglass tub, place a copper bathtub on top of your tiled or weathered looking floor. Copper sinks tie the theme together, but don’t forget about the plumbing itself. Most people plumb to hide the water lines. For the look you want, make sure that your copper piping shows, even if it’s only the line to the shower. For a vintage look that adds a bit of luxury, be sure to use copper plumbing fixtures as well.

When you are ready to create a vintage bathroom using copper bathroom fixtures, World CopperSmith can help you create a unique look with handcrafted materials. This is no place for a sink or tub that comes off of an assembly line. Instead, let World CopperSmith direct you to handcrafted materials you won’t find anywhere else. Call us at 1-888-431-4677 or use our Contact Us form. Be sure to take a look at some of our copper bathroom creations and designs. You might find that the bathroom isn’t the only place you want the look of copper.

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