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A gas fire pit is an incredible addition to any home or business. It's the perfect focal point for an outdoor space, creating warmth and light while also being eye-catching and stylish. A gas fire pit is the superior option over a wood-burning fire pit for many people. While both types of fire pits offer benefits, gas fire pits have a range of excellent options to help you find the best product for your needs. They can be completely customized in a style and design that you love, making your investment one worth making.

When you're looking for the perfect fire pit, whether it's for your patio at home or to improve an area of your business, you want to know that you're paying the right price. You will find fire pits at a range of price points, so how can you know what you should be spending? This price guide will take you through some of the prices you can expect and why it's so important to invest in a quality fire pit.

What Affects the Cost of Gas Fire Pits?

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There are multiple factors that might affect the price that you pay for a gas fire pit. Some of the things that you should consider include:

  • What the fire pit is made of
  • The quality of the construction
  • Customization
  • Any installation costs


The material chosen for a gas fire pit is one of the factors that could affect the final price. Fire pits can be made using different metals, natural stone or brick, concrete, and more. Some materials are more expensive than others, but they can also provide better quality or the right aesthetics. Material is definitely something to consider when thinking about your budget, but the cost of different materials might not be your first thought. For many people, the look, feel and other benefits of the material are much more important than the final cost.

Metal such as copper, brass, and stainless steel are likely to have a similar cost. These all offer great benefits, including helping to distribute heat. Metal fire pits will also last a long time, and the right metals are resistant to rust too. They can offer a lot more durability compared to some other materials, and they can also be more affordable compared to natural stone.


The quality of the build and design of a gas fire pit is obviously going to affect how much it costs. Fire pits with a cheaper construction will cost less but are unlikely to provide the same experience as more expensive fire pits. When you are choosing a fire pit, you need to consider its longevity and durability. Investing in a high-quality fire pit is definitely worth it if you want a product that will last for many years and continue to look amazing the whole time.

In fact, the price you pay can be an indication of the quality that you're going to get. Looking at higher price points can help to guarantee a quality gas fire pit that's going to deliver on all of your requirements. Holding back on your budget could mean you're left dissatisfied with the final results.


Any level of customization will affect the price of a product. When it comes to gas fire pits, there are multiple excellent ways to customize your fire pit. The price difference between a non-custom and custom gas fire pit doesn't have to be huge, and custom options can be priced at a lower point than you might expect. How customization affects the price will depend on what you're asking for. Some ways you might customize a gas fire pit include the size and shape, color and finish of the material, and other options that are available to change.

Installation Costs

As well as the cost of the fire pit itself, remember to take into account any installation costs that you might be looking at. This can include not just the cost of putting the fire pit in place but also any potential costs associated with its installation. For example, perhaps you are planning on installing a fire pit with a seating area on your patio. What other costs might be associated with this? You might be installing other features at the same time, such as paving or seating. You might need to pay for excavation of the area where you want to install your fire pit to prepare the ground. Perhaps you need to consider things like removing nearby plants or overhanging branches to create a safe area.

Installation costs will vary depending on what exactly you're planning to do. Think about these factors when planning your budget and choosing the right gas fire pit for your needs. Don't forget to consider any additional features or accessories, such as fire glass, safety screens, or lava rock.

Which Material Is Best for Fire Pits?

The material you choose for your gas fire pit can affect its cost, but which material is best to use? Different materials have their pros and cons, so you don't want to rush into choosing a fire pit before understanding them.

Some of the options you might consider include:

  • Concrete – a cheap option that can burn different types of fuel, but doesn't provide the right look for everyone
  • Brick paver – brick paver fire pits need to be lined with a heat-resistant material to prevent them from cracking
  • Natural stone – often the most expensive option, you can choose from materials such as granite, marble, or slate (some natural stone, such as limestone, is not suitable for fire pits)
  • Metals such as stainless steel, brass, and copper – versatile materials that will last a long time and can be customized in many different ways

Of course, here at CopperSmith, we think that metal gas fire pits are the superior option. Our copper and brass fire pits offer unbeatable quality and timeless style. When you are looking for a unique gas fire pit that is not only beautiful but also efficient, our range of stunning products will help you to find it. Our fire pits are endlessly customizable, giving you a choice of designs and finishes, in addition to size, gas type, ignition type, and more.

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How Much Do Gas Fire Pit Inserts Cost?

A gas fire pit insert allows you to essentially build your own fire pit. It gives you the main components of a gas fireplace, which you can insert into a fire pit base or even a piece of furniture such as a coffee table. Buying an insert without the rest of the fire pit naturally makes it cheaper. However, remember that you will have to install it yourself. Whether you pay someone else to do it or take the DIY route, it will cost additional time and money.

You can expect prices for gas fire pit inserts to start at $500. This can be an inexpensive option if you're on a tight budget, but remember that you will also need to consider the additional costs of installing a fire pit insert.

How Much Does a Copper Fire Pit Cost?

Copper is an excellent choice of metal for a gas fire pit. It looks beautiful, has a warm aesthetic, and can be made in a variety of shapes. It also conducts and distributes heat more evenly compared to similar metals. Copper is a wonderful new metal to add to any environment that can provide some contrast to other existing materials. It can be a bold statement that really draws the eye and makes a feature of your fire pit.

Copper fire pit prices start at $5,000 for quality fire pits. Some of the things to consider include the price of copper itself, as well as the cost of design and construction. The difference between a quality copper gas fire pit and a cheaper option really can't be understated. Copper is by far one of the best materials for fire pits, not just for its looks but also because it's an efficient heat conductor.

How Much Does a Brass Fire Pit Cost?

Similar to copper, brass is also a top choice for your gas fire pit. It is also an option at similar prices, beginning at around $5,000.

Brass provides a different look to copper, but can still be bought in a range of finishes and designs. People often choose brass for its timeless look, providing a style that's both vintage and modern. It can put you in mind of art deco decor, while also giving you a contemporary option for your fire pit. It offers warmth both in its design and its functionality, with great efficiency delivered by the brass.

How Much Does a Stainless Steel Gas Fire Pit Cost?

Stainless steel is another popular choice for gas fire pits. This abundant metal is very eco-friendly and available at a similar price point to other metals. You can expect to see prices starting from $5,000, just like with copper and brass fire pits.

Stainless steel is used to make a huge range of products. It's favored for its ability to resist rust, its sustainability, and the fact that it will last a long time. Starting prices for stainless steel fire pits will likely start at around the same price as copper and brass fire pits if you want to buy a high-quality product that will look good and work well for years to come.

What Should You Pay for a Custom Gas Fire Pit?

Getting a fire pit is your chance to add a stand-out feature to a space that needs it. There are many beautiful fire pits that you can buy as they come, but if you really want something special, there's also the option of custom fire pits. What might surprise you is that it won't necessarily cost a lot more to buy a custom fire pit compared to a non-custom fire pit.

If you're thinking about ordering a custom fire pit, prices begin at about $6,000. Compared to fire pits that you can't customize, it's not significantly more considering you get the benefit of choosing exactly what you want. You can select the material, color, style, and design to get the perfect gas fire pit to match your needs.

Prices for Commercial Gas Fire Pits

Investing in a fire pit for your business can be a fantastic way to enhance a guest area or add an amazing feature to any area of your business. Commercial fire pits are popular for hotels, bars, retail spaces, and various other businesses. Naturally, commercial gas fire pits can cost more compared to fire pits for the home. However, they don't have to cost more, and could even cost less in some circumstances.

You can expect to see prices for commercial gas fire pits starting at $2,000. They can get more expensive than domestic gas fire pits, reaching $10,000 or more. Of course, you may be looking for something larger and more powerful than you would buy for the home. Additionally, you could be looking for a completely custom, unique fire pit that's made for your business alone. This will mean additional costs, but it's definitely worth it to add an incredible feature to your business.

Prices for Restaurant Gas Fire Pits

Gas fire pits are a popular option for restaurants too. They can be used to provide heat in outdoor eating and drinking areas, helping to make them usable all year. As you might expect, prices for restaurant fire pits are in line with other commercial gas fire pits. Prices start at around $2,500 and can stretch to $10,000+, depending on your requirements.

Why Invest in a Quality Fire Pit?

When you are looking for the right gas fire pit, setting a higher budget will serve you well. There are several excellent reasons to invest in a high-quality fire pit, rather than trying to find the cheapest option possible. A fire pit should be a feature that you plan carefully so that it brings you benefits for many years. It's not something that you want to have to replace quickly or that you want to have to service and maintain often. Investing in a quality gas fire pit means getting the look you want, durability, and safety too. Additionally, it enables you to explore custom options that deliver exactly what you are looking for. Why settle for something that's not what you want, when you can customize a fire pit to deliver on your vision?

Additional Costs to Consider

As well as the cost of the fire pit itself, it's worth keeping in mind the other expenses that could be involved in installing a gas fire pit. These should be taken into account when setting your budget so that you don't go over budget before you've even chosen your fire pit.

Costs By Fuel Type

There are different fuel options for fire pits, and you might be considering the difference between gas and wood or charcoal-burning fire pits. If you choose a gas fire pit, they usually require either a propane tank or a gas line to supply natural gas. This is a cost to take into account for installation.

Installing a gas line can cost around $12 to $25 per linear foot. Meanwhile, propane tanks cost around $35 to $150, depending on the size. Connecting power for an electronic ignition kit will be about $10 to $25 per foot.

Installing a propane fire pit will likely cost less compared to installing a natural gas line, which will obviously incur the cost of installing the line.

Fire Pit Seating

A fire pit is a great start for your outdoor social area, but you can't have outdoor living without somewhere to sit. Of course, it's possible to simply add some freestanding outdoor seating, but you might also want to consider installing permanent seating.

If you want to build above-ground seating, costs could start at around $4,500 up to over $15,000. A sunken fire pit with seating could start at around $3,000, with costs including excavating and installing drainage. And if you want to install a patio, the average cost is $4,000.

Preparing the Area

There might be several things to take into account for preparing the area where you want to install your fire pit. These costs could include ground excavation and dirt removal, removing or pruning plants and trees, installing lighting, adding paving, or other various costs. Many of these expenses will depend on the size of the area being worked on, as well as the materials you choose from certain jobs.

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Customized Gas Fire Pits from CopperSmith

Find your perfect gas fire pit from Coppersmith with our extensive collection. All of our fire pits can be customized in multiple different ways. You can select from a choice of finishes, sizes, and options for choosing additional features such as lava rock, fire glass, and a cover for your fire pit.

If you have any questions about gas fire pits, our product range, and prices, or how to customize your fire pit and stove hood, get in touch with us to find out more.

November 14, 2023