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Copper remains one of the most beautiful and unique metals for use in the home. There are such a variety of uses that copper can be found in almost every room of a home. At World CopperSmith we have a true passion for hand made copper products crafted out of the highest quality copper.

We attract coppersmiths from every corner of the earth who share our goals, standards and ideals when it comes to authentic artisan copper products. We use Virgin Copper and Recycled Copper in different finishes. Vibrant, Natural Fire colors are brought out by heating the copper over an open fire.

Determining Quality Of Copper

Primary factors that go into determining the quality of copper are Gauge, Purity and Construction Technique.

  • Copper Thickness is referred to as a Gauge number, with Lower Numbers having a greater thickness. Our products generally range from 15 gauge to 17 gauge thickness and are very durable
  • Copper Naturally Pure and is used at 99% pure copper with an added 1% zinc for strength
  • Construction Technique is an important key to our long-lasting, hand made, authentic, artistic – high quality copper products

Copper Facts

Copper has been a part of our lives longer than any other metal. Here are a few other interesting copper facts.

  • The Thicker the Gauge of copper, the Lower the number
  • Virgin Copper is used for a more modern, shiny penny finish
  • Recycled Copper is used for hand hammered, rustic finish
  • Running water on a Lightweight gauge metal may give you a tinny sound
  • Copper dates back over 10,000 years making it man’s oldest metal
  • Handcrafted copper products are each unique
  • The U.S. ranks 2nd in the world for the production of copper
  • Copper is naturally Anti-Bacterial
  • Natural Copper develops a Patina over time and exposure to oxygen – this patina never stops changing
  • Copper is environmentally friendly as it can be Recycled repeatedly and made into new products
  • Natural Fire is utilized to bring out vibrant colors without using chemicals

High Quality Copper Products

Hand Made Copper Products

High Quality, Hand Made Copper products are unsurpassed for natural, authentic beauty for your home. World CopperSmith has a true love for old world artisan techniques and it shows in the quality of our products. We insist on using only high quality copper for long lasting durability and that much sought after Natural Patina. Our copper products are constructed of Recycled Copper or Virgin Copper. Choose from a bright, modern looking finish or a natural fire patina with vibrant coloring.

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October 8, 2014