Copper Kitchen Faucets

copper kitchen faucets

Kitchen Faucets

Our CopperSmith Pro-Rinse Pull Down Kitchen Faucets make great additions to our Farmhouse Sinks and other metal kitchen options.

A pull-down kitchen faucet is one of the most convenient faucets to install, which makes it one of the most popular found in recent kitchen construction. The curved structure allows users to pull down the wand for easy and efficient cleaning.

Because they’re so convenient, they’re perfect for kitchens that get used heavily. The design of these kitchen faucets cuts cleaning time in half.

Pull Down/Pull Out Kitchen Faucet

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Pull-out faucets allow you to pull the hose directly off the faucet towards you without having a curved structure. This type of faucet has a more straight-lined body that sits perpendicular to your countertops, giving you a 360-degree spraying capability. When your job includes spraying down bigger dishes or heavy-duty hardware that you don’t necessarily want in your sink, this comes in handy.

Single or Dual Handle

Whether our kitchen faucets are dual or single handles, they’ll still have a uniform amount of usability and a significant visual element. Single kitchen faucets are what you’d typically see in a small kitchen and work better in bathrooms or small-counter spaces. They aren’t as precise because you only use one handle to control the hot and cold water.

You’ll get more accuracy out of a double-handle faucet and a higher amount of convenience. However, these faucets cost a bit more and take up more counter space. Double-handle seems to be the best installation option for kitchen sinks, especially if it’s larger or have two compartments.

You’ll need to weigh your options based on your kitchen space, counter area, and overall budget. This will help you make a final decision based on which kitchen faucet you’d like. We have commercial styles available as well.

Commercial Style Kitchen Faucets

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Commercial kitchen faucets are installed increasingly on residential sinks because these large, sturdy, and durable designs are built for heavy use. This makes them an incredibly efficient model for home use and allows for more flexibility and 360-degree range.

Commercial kitchen faucets are also commonly installed in residential settings with higher-than-normal water pressure. Besides our residential line of products, CopperSmith also creates a beautiful lineup of commercial options, including heavy-duty sinks and other hardware.

Parts for Kitchen Faucet

Like any other homeowner, you want as few moving pieces as possible. We try to design all of our components with this idea in mind. While we do everything we can to keep our hardware from breaking down and malfunctioning over time, it’s also essential our customers do their part. All parts should be cleaned and inspected according to instructions to make sure no additional damage occurs beyond normal wear and tear. In addition, you also want to keep checking on the flow of water to ensure there is no blockage. The faucet must be free from any buildup and mineral deposits that might contaminate the water. It also needs to remain clean enough so that water flows unobstructed. If you don’t clean your faucet, you can expect malfunctions to occur that impede water flow.


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Materials like copper and brass take a little more care to clean correctly. However, elements like brushed nickel and stainless steel require very little maintenance, but you’ll still want to keep them clean, so they keep that “brand new” look for as long as possible. Chrome is also easy to keep clean, as it holds its shine for much longer than copper and brass. It’s more like stainless steel because it is more durable and stands up to the elements. When you have copper and brass installed on any kitchen hardware and even table tops, you’ll notice a patina that begins to evolve on the surface. Depending on how dark or light the original patina is, your hardware will begin to oxidize. This is known as tarnishing, and some people consider it a negative element. However, many people seek hardware with this type of surface, as it adds character to any installation. Use the following list to keep your kitchen faucet clean without damaging the patina.

  • Use a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and warm water and grab a light cloth.
  • Gently wipe the surface of your copper or brass and wipe with a dry cloth
  • To extend the natural beauty of your kitchen faucet from CopperSmith, make sure it’s wiped completely dry after each use. Any leftover water on the surface will create water spots, and this can ruin the natural aging patina after some time.
  • If you have any spots of the patina you’d like to permanently remove because you don’t like the color of the tarnish, soak your cloth in the vinegar and water and drape it across the area in question. Leave it in place overnight. By morning, the area should be broken down enough to wipe away.

The CopperSmith Guarantee

At CopperSmith, all of our products are handmade with a high level of craftsmanship. A great deal of care and attention goes into creating each piece; we’re confident enough to stand behind our kitchen faucets with a warranty.

If anything goes wrong with them mechanically, this eliminates all stress for you, and we’ll take care of replacement or repair.

Now, let’s look at the available kitchen faucets you can choose from.

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Available Kitchen Faucets

  • Pro Rinse Faucet – Pull Down – Brushed Nickel
  • Pro Rinse Faucet – Pull Down – Matte Black and Chrome
  • Pro Rinse Faucet – Pull Down – Matte Black
  • Pro Rinse Faucet – Pull Down – Naples Bronze
  • Pro Rinse Faucet – Pull Down – Black and Chrome
  • Premium Kitchen Faucet – Pull Down Spout – Satin Nickel
  • Premium Kitchen Faucet – Pull Down Spout – Black and Chrome
  • Premium Kitchen Faucet – Pull Down Spout – Polished Chrome
  • Premium Kitchen Faucet – Pull Down Spout – Matte Black
  • Premium Kitchen Faucet – Pull Down Spout – Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • Premium Kitchen Faucet – Pull Down Spout – Brushed Bronze
  • Premium Kitchen Faucet – Pull Down Spout – Naples Bronze

What Do Our Kitchen Faucets Go Well With?

We have plenty of items that go well with these kitchen faucets. Depending on the design elements of your kitchen, including the color scheme and finishes, you can pair several pieces of hardware while incorporating the design of your kitchen faucet.

Our range hoods, tables, and copper sinks all pair perfectly with both designs of our kitchen faucets.

Choose CopperSmith for Your New Kitchen Faucet

If you’re in the market for a new kitchen faucet for a brand-new construction project, full renovation, or just a simple sink overhaul, you can call on CopperSmith. We’re experts in the kitchen metalworking industry and create some of the most visually stunning and mechanically sound products.

When you purchase CopperSmith, you’re purchasing life.

Kitchen Faucet FAQs

These are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding our kitchen faucet lineup.

Which design should I choose for my kitchen?

This depends on several things. First, you should start by asking yourself which design fits you better. Do you want a pull-down spout or a pull-out? In addition, are you better served by a single or dual handle? A dual handle is probably the best way to go if you have a larger kitchen and cook and clean in higher volumes.

On the same token, if you do a large amount of cleaning and cooking, a pull-out sink hose and nozzle will probably suit you better than a pull-down. The pull-out variation of our kitchen faucets gives you a little more elbow room to work with when you’re doing the dishes or working over the sink.

Are your kitchen faucets difficult to clean?

None of the kitchen faucets are difficult to clean. The most important thing to remember is not how much to clean or how difficult they are to clean but to ensure you clean them properly.

If you choose a kitchen faucet with a brass or copper surface, you’ll have to take special care when cleaning and cooking. When working around your copper or brass kitchen faucet, you mustn’t allow any lemon juice, pineapple juice, or other abrasive elements. These will easily damage the patina, leaving it an undesirable color.

However, accidents happen, and if you get any of these materials on the kitchen faucet, quickly rinse them off thoroughly and wipe the tap dry with a paper towel.

That said, another thing to remember when you’re using the faucet is always to make sure you wipe it dry when you’re done using it. Leaving any water behind on the kitchen faucet will cause water marks and other tarnish spots that might not be so attractive.

How fast do the copper and brass age?

This depends on the patina that’s on the surface when you purchase the faucet. If you choose a darker patina like “antique brass” or “antique dark copper,” you’ll likely notice that this tarnish (age) is much slower than the patinas that look newer. This is because the aging process has accelerated so that you won’t receive the exact effects of a newer finish. If you like the patina’s development, we suggest choosing a finish that’s not as dark and doesn’t have the impact of age included.




July 30, 2022