Copper Decor To Change The Face Of Your Home

The shiny copper metal has been a part of our modern homes ever since the beginning, but the modern copper furniture and decor have changed the course of how humanity has used this metal. Ever since its discovery by the ancient civilizations, copper has been revered by humans for its smooth and shiny texture and the ability to be hammered into thin sheets or drawn into long cables.

Copper has been an essential part of the industrial world and becomes an important commodity in the trading world as well. The use of copper in construction and homes is being evolved, and this metal is making its way to homes as a style quotient. Using copper as furniture and decor may not be a new trend, but it has hit back in full strength to culture the modern homes with an ethnic vibe.

Copper In Home Décor

Copper is being widely by interior designers and manufacturers for constructing furniture, wall tiles, home accessories, kitchenware, sinks, kitchen countertops and much more. The eye-catching color and bold finish of copper give an ethnic feel to the entire home decor. Copper is naturally not a shiny metal, although it blends beautifully into the environment which goes well with the personality of men as well as women.

Copper can be finished is multiple tones and has an overall warm quality; hence it goes incredibly well with almost every interior design. Copper furniture compliments the home so well that you’d want to build a new house around it. The trend of using copper furniture and decor might just be a few thousand years old, but the new techniques and styles of incorporating it will make you fall in love with this subtly elegant metal.

How Copper Furniture Compliments Your Home Décor

Interior designers everywhere are using copper furniture and decor to revolutionize how this earth metal has been used over the years. Copper has come a long way from being just a part of the electrical system and cookware; it has been constituted into furniture that enhances the beauty of any home.

  • Hanging copper pots in the kitchen is probably one of the oldest yet most elegantly incorporated modern home decor. The hanging copper made utensils can give the kitchen area a rustic 17th Century French look.
  • Using copper for wall decor in your bedroom or the living room will change the way you look at your home. The wall backdrop covered in subtle shades of copper will infuse into the soul of your home and become one with it.
  • Copper furniture for cabinet in the dining room can add the much-needed class to your bar cabinet and wine collection. Copper will compliment your wines, gives it the classic, timeless feel that it demands.
  • Copper sinks and kitchen tabletop can be exactly what you need to give your kitchen the rustic vibe. The biostatic nature of copper keeps all the harmful microbes at bay and is the best choice for a healthy kitchen.
  • A copper chimney in your home can not only add style and class to your home but makes heating extremely efficient.

Advantages Of Using Copper In Home Décor

Copper has been a part of the ancient household in the form of utensils and jewelry and the modern take on this metal has become a growing trend. There is something about the rustic and ethnic look and feel that copper gives off that no other metal or element can compete with. The trend of using copper in creative and innovative ways has made it quite popular among interior designers.

Economical & Available

Copper has been one of the most abundantly available metal on the planet, which makes it cheap everywhere. For a fair price, you can have your house completely equipped with furniture made out of copper.

Ideal For Furniture Production

Since copper is a metal (and high malleable and ductile), it can be easy constructed into furniture of any kind and size. Whether it is a complex wall hanging or a long sheet for the bedroom wall, constructing these home décor elements with copper is easy and economical, compared to other materials such as wood. A small amount of copper can be beaten into sheets to cover a large area, which makes it even more resourceful.


Imagine the amount of global wood consumption copper can reduce if people replace their wooden furniture with components made from copper. The best part about copper is that is can be smelted and used again for building something else, unlike wood. A broken wood furniture is thrown out whereas copper furniture can be easily repaired, hence reducing your carbon footprint.

Extremely Durable

Copper is one of the strongest metals in the world and can practically withstand everything in your household. Metallic properties of copper help it withstand the impact of aging and can virtually last more than your lifetime. Copper may be susceptible to rusting, but this metal does not rest easily and brushing it with anti-rusting polish will make the furniture as good as new.


Copper is naturally antibacterial in nature, which makes it the ideal choice for the places such as kitchen and bathroom. Using copper in kitchen and bathroom cabinets, installing a copper kitchen sink and a copper kitchen tabletop can significantly act as a constant disinfectant to keep your home infection free.

Why The Trend Of Copper Is Growing 

The new take at copper as an element of home decor is not just for the elegantly subtle colors and brushed finishes. The best furniture and home decor of any home are the ones that are of practical use to the owners. Copper not only adds the style to your kitchen, it naturally disinfects it. In cases of cold temperatures, copper wall tiles can improve the insulation of the house.

The practical uses of copper in aspects of furniture and home decor are practically endless. Copper looks amazing when it is polished, yet you would be surprised to see the gorgeous look it can sport when it starts to rust. The sea green rust that copper gives off is slow and non-toxic to the environment which adds to the beauty of the furniture. The trend is just beginning to grow, with more innovative minds put to the task, copper will be redefining your home space.

February 3, 2015