Why Build With Copper?

Why build with Copper?


Copper is suitable for use in a variety of industries because of its resistance to corrosion, workability, and visual appeal. Copper was the cornerstone of many ancient civilizations: for cookware, weapons, water pipes, and tools. Today, we utilize the natural properties of copper in architecture and modern living. The anti-microbial quality makes it an excellent choice for any product. It is recyclable and corrosion resistant, which helps promote a more sustainable environment.

Patina is the sought after protective coating that forms on copper after being exposed to the elements. Your personal preference and product use will dictate how the patina ages. Some copper enthusiasts choose to enjoy and celebrate the natural patina process, while others decide to seal in the patina at a particular point in the aging process.

You will find copper use in the primary applications in the building process. It is often the only precious metal used in home construction. Some copper is bright green, flowing with patina, while others may have synthetic sealants applied to hold in a particular color. One thing is for sure, whether you are using copper for its durability properties in the structural components of your home, its visual appeal or a combination of the two, copper as a building material just makes sense.

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