Undermount Vs Overmount Kitchen Sinks

Undermount vs. Overmount Kitchen Sinks

When deciding which style of mounting you are considering for your kitchen sink, your design will likely be influenced by the counter top material style, budget and appearance preferences. At CopperSmith we have years of experience creating beautiful, high-quality custom copper works, including copper kitchen sinks, range hoods, and more! Let us help you make the right decision for your space.

  1. Appearance: Copper undermount sinks are attached to the underside of the countertop material, and the hole cut into the counter is the same size as the basin. This will allow you to wipe food directly into the sink without getting hung up on the sinks lip. The over counter installation allows the sink to be supported by outer rim.
  2. Compatibility: Typically you will see under counter kitchen sinks installed with wood, granite or stone countertops. Vinyl counter tops are not best suited for under counter installation since you will see the (inside) of the material at the cut, so you need to use materials that are natural throughout.
  3. Budget: Undercounter installation is best done when purchasing new countertops, or your existing cut will be larger than your old sink, and you have a natural countertop material such as granite, stone or wood. You should plan on additional installation costs of $50-$250 due to a more precise nature of the counter cut.

The right choice for you:

We recommend under counter installations when installing new counters. It’s a trend in modern home construction that we don’t see going away. It’s a small investment that will add a cleaner look and more functionality to your kitchen. If you’re just seeking to replace a sink, and budget is a concern, over counter might be the best solution for you.

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