What Are The Top Features To Look For When Installing A Copper Sink?


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It’s a chilly, brisk autumn day, and crunchy leaves trickle onto the porch from the overgrown branches. Distant sounds of the school bus are approaching as inviting scents of cinnamon and fresh-baked apple pie flood the house. Sitting on the porch with a piping hot cup of afternoon tea, this is what so many wish for; it’s a picturesque representation of the genuine pride of being a homeowner.

Inside this coveted space, the kitchen is one of, if not the most prized possession, serving as a place of gathering, culinary inspiration, the spawn of new ideas, and a playground of endless design possibilities.

From rustic, log cabin decorations to pristine, shimmering stainless steel, it’s important to adequately research the appropriate materials that will build a proper foundation and compliment the unique style for years to come. One aspect that this frequently overlooked is the installation of a new sink.

The prospect of a shiny conventional oven, or maybe even a new stovetop, is what most homeowners consider a top priority. Still, attractive, properly functioning sinks are not to be dismissed. In this article, we’ll dive into the realm of copper, a formidable, versatile material that can be a beautiful addition to a sink. We’ll investigate their most notable features, drawbacks as well as the cost and where to find them.


Copper: A General Overview Of One Of Interior Design’s Most Prized Materials


Copper is one of the oldest metals on the market today. Originating in the Middle East, it is now considered the third most utilized industrial metal on the planet, working its way into numerous everyday appliances, machines, and coins (the most recognizable one being the penny). The ancient material is commonly used in electronics and wiring due to its electric conductivity and can appear a greenish tinge due to its oxidation levels but can appear in a variety of hues and complement other features in the home.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, homeowners will sometimes question the efficacy of copper sinks. However, it’s imperative to weigh the advantages and disadvantages and the impact it can have on daily kitchen duties.


What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Copper Sinks? Are They Worth It?


One of the most prominent features of copper sinks is their versatility in color. Given their oxidation, a copper finish can exhibit a vast palette of colors and can also be topped off with natural oils to bring them further out. Additionally, the use of copper is also further categorized; whether artisan, natural, or designer front, the recycled material will present a color scheme ranging from dark, earthy tones to a bright, reflective surface.

One other notable advantage is that copper possesses antimicrobial properties, doing a lot of the legwork that a homeowner may otherwise need to do. Scrub the surface with lukewarm water and soap, and its glimmering sheen will appear good as new.


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Natural Copper Sink

While copper is a striking addition to any kitchen, there are a few caveats. Many families who order copper sinks online fear that they will arrive damaged or that the integrity of the surface will be sacrificed due to inevitable environmental elements such as heat, water, and handling.

This is a legitimate concern; however, understanding the copper’s patina (blue-green layer of corrosion caused by external elements), it’s crucial to purchase a copper sink in its earlier stages of patina to help decelerate and prevent unnecessary damage before installation. This phenomenon doesn’t always detract from its appeal, as natural copper gives off a darker appearance, which will blend more subtly with the patina.


How Much Do Copper Sinks Cost And Where Can I Find Them?


An investment in copper sinks starts at around $500. While they are a heftier investment, they can be one of the most valuable additions to any home if thoroughly investigated, properly installed, and vigilantly maintained. These sinks are available online at major manufacturers, at home goods stores, as well as specialty kitchen boutiques.

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