The Right Sink For Your Bathroom

Living in well-designed homes have a positive influence on our lives. You don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to build a well-designed house. Today, you can make functional and beautiful homes without spending a fortune. For instance, if you plan to renovate or build a new bathroom, you can get a good bathroom sink at a reasonable price. All you have to do is find details of the types of sinks available in the marketplace and buy a sink that suits the decor of your bathroom. The professionals at CopperSmith would like to assist you with some information about conventional bathroom sink materials.

Types of Bathroom Sinks:

Sinks have become the focal point of most modern bathrooms because of their functionality and design. Selecting the right bathroom sink from among the myriad of sinks is not easy. You must have some idea about the types of sinks available and the material used to make these sinks. You can use this knowledge to buy a sink that suits the style and aesthetics of your bathroom. Here we’re going to discuss the commonly used materials so you get an idea of the sink you can buy to make your bathroom even more beautiful.

Cast Iron Sinks

Cast iron is probably the oldest material used for kitchen sinks. It is still very popular because homeowners love the glossy and bright enamel finish of cast iron sinks. Since iron is prone to rust, most cast iron sinks have a thick porcelain enamel coating to protect iron from corrosion. If you were to use a cast iron sink without the coating, it would have the same texture and finish of a cast iron pan.

The porcelain enamel coating used on cast iron sinks is usually tough and does not scratch or stain easily. The enamel coating isn’t comprised of just paint but melted glass that is fused to bare iron. Even though it is technically glass, it is incredibly durable and can easily withstand daily wear and tear. Also, cast iron sinks are easy to clean and are unlikely to show spots from the dried water. Porcelain enamel coating also has excellent resistance to fading and light.

There are a few drawbacks that you must be aware of before buying a cast iron sink. For one, it is massive and can weigh three to four times more than a standard stainless steel sink. That can make installation difficult, especially when you install an under mount sink that requires additional supports to hold the sink. Another drawback of cast iron sinks is that the enamel coating can chip which can expose bare iron to moisture. If corrective action is not taken, the iron will begin to rust. However, you must understand that the coating is stable and will not chip off easily.

The cost of cast iron sinks will vary depending on the color and style you select. If you have a limited budget, you can buy a standard white enamel sink, as they are less expensive when compared to a colored sink.

Copper Sinks

If you are planning to purchase a sink that adds glamor to your bathroom, you must get a copper sink. However, this is not the only reason why you should buy a copper sink for your bathroom. There are several other reasons why you should install a stylish copper sink in your bathroom.

  1. When you install a copper sink in your bathroom, it will make your bathroom appear fresher and upbeat. Most copper sinks are made from a single sheet and are exposed to oxidation and other chemical processes to protect them from corrosion. These chemical processes also help in improving the aesthetic appeal of copper.
  2. Copper has several antimicrobial properties that make it the apt choice for the bathroom sink. In traditional sinks, bacteria can survive for several days, which is a significant health hazard. When you use a copper sink, bacteria will die in a few hours which reduces health risk.
  3. Most homeowners prefer using copper sinks because they are available in several colors and styles. Since they are available in several colors and designs, it is not difficult to get a copper sink that suits the decor of the bathroom.
  4. Another advantage of using copper sinks is that they don’t corrode as quickly as cast iron sinks. That makes them an ideal choice for both bathroom and kitchen sinks.

Even though copper sinks have several advantages, some people avoid using it because copper is a highly reactive metal and can darken over time. Copper sinks can also get damaged when exposed to acidic liquids like toothpaste and mouthwash. Also, maintaining copper sinks is a time-consuming and laborious process, as they require periodic waxing to retain their appeal and shine.

Concrete Sinks

Concrete sinks are custom-made sinks that allow the user to incorporate design features like inlays, drain boards, or unique size or shape. Since these sinks are not used by everyone, they offer several unique style choices. However, concrete sinks are expensive and require periodic sealing to repel moisture and avoid stains. Also, it is extremely heavy and requires additional supports to hold the sink.

Composite Sinks

These sinks are made using a combination of different parts or elements. Composite sinks are made by combining granite, quartz, or glass with a filler. The consistency of the mixture will vary depending on the manufacturer and the product. Most composite sinks are tough and are resistant to scratching and stains.

Granite Composite Sinks

Granite composite is one of the most durable sinks in the market. They have high-density rock particles on the surface which make them chip, heat, and scratch resistant. It is the ideal choice for those who are looking for durable sinks that can withstand daily wear and tear.

Quart Composite Sinks

These sinks are made using a combination of quartz and resin filler. Quartz composite sinks can easily stand up to acidic liquids and are resistant to dents, scuffs, and cuts. However, they are less durable when compared to granite composite sinks.

Ceramic Sinks

Ceramic is made from glass, clay, and metals. This mixture is used to make bathroom sinks for several decades. People prefer using ceramic sinks because it is stain resistant, smooth, easy to maintain, and has low moisture absorbency. However, ceramic sinks are prone to scratching and chipping, and often need replacement when damaged.

Stainless Steel Sinks

Stainless steel sinks are inexpensive when compared to other types of sinks. The versatility of stainless steel makes it an ideal choice for both top mount and under mount installations. Most manufacturers use padding or spray coating to make them more durable. However, steel sinks scratch easily and are likely to show water spots. That can make it difficult to keep steel sinks clean at all times.

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