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7 Modern Kitchen Designs We Love - March 3, 2020

Whether your kitchen needs a minor update or a major renovation, the modern design trends of 2020 are sure to breathe new life into one of the most important rooms of your home. This year, interior design experts have noticed a number of significant trends that they believe will remain fashionable (and functional!) for many… Read more »

5 signs your kitchen needs a range hood - February 24, 2020

A range hood makes for a fantastic addition to any kitchen, providing both functional and visual advantages to improve the cooking process and the look and feel of your household. But is a range hood absolutely necessary for your kitchen? Here are 5 signs your kitchen and your home can benefit from the addition of… Read more »

The Difference Between Residential & Commercial Range Hoods - September 25, 2014

Range hoods are used to vent bad odor away from your kitchens during and after cooking. Whether you own a small kitchen space in your home or need to pull odors away from your commercial establishment, it’s important to install a good working range hood. However, most people don’t realize that residential and commercial range… Read more »