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Make Your Bathroom Drop-dead Gorgeous! - March 17, 2020

Want to make your bathroom drop-dead gorgeous? You’re definitely not alone. According to a recent study, doing a bathroom renovation was found to be the most popular home improvement trend of 2019. This should come as no surprise to anyone hoping to sell their home; new buyers specifically want beautiful, modern bathrooms when they’re searching… Read more »

Quality Copper Tubs - October 6, 2014

Naturally Beautiful Copper Bathtubs What could possibly be more beautiful in your bathroom than a fabulous Copper Bathtub? The look is elegant, old world charm that is sure to elevate the status of your bathroom to a luxurious and relaxing getaway. But don’t let looks fool you, they are also practical in that copper is… Read more »

Copper Bathtub Buyer’s Guide – Part 3 - September 23, 2014

Copper bathtub buying is an art and there are many hidden facets, though they are not noticeable on the surface, they will directly affect your experience when trying to ‘soak up’ your new copper bathroom feature. That’s the reason we have been inspired to write a Copper Bathtub Buyer’s Guide – Part 1 and Part 2, this is the last and final part of our attempt to help steer you towards the best Copper Product your money can buy. We want you to enjoy all the benefits copper can offer you, regardless of the product you choose.

Copper Bathtub Buyer’s Guide – Part 2 - September 19, 2014

When adding the luxuries of copper to your bathroom – quality matters. CopperSmith would like to continue with our Copper Bathtub Buyer’s Guide – Part 1, where we talked about copper quality and finish and go a little further into buying specifics. We understand the importance of an investment built to last, we have worked… Read more »