Copper Counter Tops

Our custom copper tops can be customized for counter top installation. We can cut sink holes into center island pieces, and offer complete kitchen countertop layouts.

4 Item(s) Products

4 Item(s) Products

Transform Any Eating Space With a Copper Dining Table


Is it time for you to change the way your kitchen, dining room or other eating space looks? Consider upgrading to a copper dining table. Copper stands out and can quickly transform the appearance of any room. Not only does it go well with just about any type of home décor, but it also stands up to normal wear and tear. Enjoy a lifetime with your new CopperSmith hammered copper top dining table. Have one handcrafted just for you by ordering from our site today.


The Ideal Fit for Your Table Basecopper top dining room tables


Do you have a table base? At CopperSmith, we offer a tremendous number of sizes of copper top dining room table tops. These table tops can be easily placed on your table base. If you’re not sure of the right copper table size to purchase, we suggest measuring your current table top. You can also call us at 888-431-4677 for help as you make your choices.


How We Make Our Hammered Copper Dining Tables and Table Tops


Copper is a rich material that’s malleable when heated. Our artisans use old-world techniques to heat up pieces of recycled copper and then hammer them to a sturdy gauge size. The copper sheet is then carefully and expertly wrapped around a piece of heavy plywood substrate. From that point, the copper table top can be used immediately, or can be covered in a protective clear coat for a minimal additional amount if you prefer.


Keeping a Copper Dining Table Clean Is a Snap


Although copper looks rich, you don’t have to spend a fortune to keep it looking great. In fact, copper is one of the simplest materials to keep clean. In many cases, you only have to wipe your copper table top with a soft cloth that’s been dipped in warm water and a mild detergent. Then, you can buff it to a shine with a dry cloth. Please note that copper is very sensitive to acids and harsh chemicals, which can scratch and cause staining if they aren’t removed immediately. Sealants are also available for copper table tops.


Why Copper Changes Color


One of the choices you have when purchasing a hand-hammered copper table top from CopperSmith is which patina you prefer. The patinas are naturally occurring, and run from light tints to darker shades. Over time, however, the color will start to evolve. Copper is what is called a “living” material, which means its look will develop throughout the years. The general patina shade will not change dramatically, but there will be subtle transformations. Our copper table top owners love this aspect of their CopperSmith purchases!

Order Your CopperSmith Copper Table Today


When you’re ready to place your order for a new copper topped dining table or copper table top, simply follow the step-by-step process online.