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Remote blower range hood systems can be roof or wall mounted to accommodate a variety of applications. Remote Kitchen Exhaust Fan Systems are compatible with most range hoods and appliances and come in a variety of different styles and designs.

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5 Item(s) Products


Motor Remote System for Better Kitchen Air Quality 

Adding a ventilation system to your kitchen is one of the most important ways to improve the air quality and comfort of your kitchen. There are many different options for kitchen ventilation, making it easy to find the one that works best for you. One of the top kitchen ventilation systems is a remote blower system. CopperSmith is proud to offer the top quality remote blower systems. 


The Importance of Kitchen Ventilation 

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, a place where meals and memories are created daily. While we often think about how to improve the efficiency or interior design of our kitchens with new appliances, many of us do not realize the importance of kitchen ventilation. 


Kitchen ventilation is critical for the safety and comfort of your kitchen, and you must have an up-to-date, functional kitchen ventilation system. Cooking produces steam, smoke, heat, odor, and even contaminants. Without proper ventilation, all of these things remain in your kitchen and in the indoor air you breathe. Cracking open windows or doors when possible offers some natural ventilation, but you need a ventilation system to pull contaminants out of the air. Kitchen ventilation has many important benefits including Improving the air quality in your kitchen and the entire home.


Better air quality means better breathing and is even more important if anyone in your family has a respiratory condition, allergies, or asthma. It also is helpful in removing odors so that they do not linger in your kitchen or house. Pulling up steam and smoke to reduce the heat in your kitchen and make it a cleaner, more comfortable place to cook. Interior design. Kitchen ventilation systems are housed within stunning range hoods that will enhance the visual appearance of your kitchen and help increase the value of your home. 


Benefits of Remote Blower Systems

When installing your kitchen ventilation, you can opt for a built-in blower or a remote blower. The blower is the part of your range hood that brings air through the hood. Some fume hoods include a built-in/integral blower, but others do not. While built-in blowers are mounted directly above the fume hood, a remote blower can be mounted on the wall or roof. Unlike a built-in blower that pushes contaminated air out from the hood, the remote blower pulls air through the ductwork. Overall, remote blower systems offer many advantages over built-in blowers.


The top benefits of a remote blower include safety because they pull dirty air out. If there is any leak or issue with the ductwork, contaminated air will not be pushed back into your home. Motor remote blowers are quieter than built-in blowers. CopperSmith remote blower systems are compatible with nearly any range hood or appliance, so you can still have the kitchen aesthetics you desire while incorporating proper ventilation. 


Choose Your Remote Blower Today 

CopperSmith has premium quality remote blower systems available in numerous sizes. All of our blowers come with an attic motor and any accessories you may need such as dampers, fast clamps, in-line silencers, and/or liners. Choose from 390, 835, or 1260 CFM remote blower systems and add the accessories you need for your complete ventilation system. With CopperSmith, you can get your very own custom-made remote blower system with speedy two to three-week delivery. 

Take a look at our remote blower systems today and choose the perfect solution for your home. Our dedicated team is committed to offering exceptional customer service. We are always available to assist you with product selection or answer any questions you may have. To learn more about our motor remote blower systems, give us a call at 952-800-9012.


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