Insert Fan Liners

At the heart of every kitchen ventilation system, the fan liner uses classic technology to purify your kitchen’s air, even in the middle of cooking a large meal. As steam, grease, and odorous exhaust accumulates in your home, the air is pulled into the range hood and through the liner. The liner catches the particles in a filter and sends the hot air on its way through the vents with the help of a built-in fan and motor.


The Secret to Kitchen Ventilation 

A fan liner also puts the finishing touches on your kitchen design. It is the outward-facing facade that finalizes the look of your range hood. Customize your fan liners based on your kitchen’s style, the size of your hood, and whether you choose a wall mount or remote configuration such as for an island mount.


A kitchen ventilation system should also be easy to use. Both home chefs and professional cooks move at a rapid speed. Ventilation should be quick and intuitive. The face of each CopperSmith liner hosts an electronic touch control for both the fan and set of dimmable lights for illuminating your cooking. The variable fan can be controlled via metal knobs that complement the customized design. With minimal fuss comes minimal cook distractions.


When your liner needs to be cleaned, there is no professional assistance required. CopperSmith liners are easy to clean and feature dishwasher-safe baffle filters.


Balancing Customization and Consistency

Our ventilation and range hood products blend with a wide collection of custom kitchen designs, cooking styles, and kitchen layouts. At the same time, all CopperSmith liners utilize the highest-quality materials and design elements for a streamlined high-level of quality throughout every detail. These features include:


Internal Motors—CopperSmith’s rubber-mounted motors decrease unwanted sound in the kitchen—a typical concern with common ventilation systems. Home chefs can also choose between three fan speeds based on their need for ventilation and desired sound.


Sleek Outer Design—Stainless steel provides a modern look while offering ultimate durability. This element of the filtration system will see more grease and exhaust than nearly any other area of the kitchen, so its material is easy to sanitize and keep looking brand new.


Baffle Filters—State-of-the-art baffle filters remove grease particles from the air as it passes through your ventilation hood. The air and grease particles separate as they pass the baffle filter barrier, reducing odors, humidity, and thin layers of grease that would otherwise remain on your cooking space. Baffle filters are dishwasher safe for ultimate convenience.


LED Lighting—Create a bright and safe cooking area or dim the kitchen lights in the morning for a gentle glow. Liners include an adjustable 50-watt halogen set of bulbs.


Complementary Look—Most importantly, the stainless steel liners pair perfectly with the CopperSmith range hoods for a finished, chic look to your range and ventilation system. Small chic details, such as a modern control panel, add an extra level of luxury to an otherwise overlooked area of the kitchen. CopperSmith liners are also pre-wired for easy installation for both standard and customized hoods.


Professional-Quality Ventilation System

Our products are only made of top-of-the-line materials and use today’s premier technology for kitchen design. From the custom vent hoods to the smallest accessories, our ventilation products aim to create an unparalleled atmosphere in your kitchen. The right design keeps your kitchen cool, free of exhaust, and matching the striking and chic design throughout the rest of your space.


Finish off your kitchen ventilation system with a liner that pairs with your range hood while exceeding expectations for kitchen convenience. Speak to an expert team member today with any kitchen design question at 952-800-7671. Our team can help you determine the ideal CFM for your range hood as well as the proper size and style to complement your kitchen design. We can ensure you’ll choose products of the highest quality that fit seamlessly into your kitchen aesthetic.