Black Range Hoods

Black Range Hoods are an excellent choice for your kitchen ventilation. Pair with brass, stainless or copper straps to really set off your design, or match to other appliances. Pair with a premium grade ventilation fan for a brilliant combination of style & performance.


Modernize Your Kitchen with a Black Range Hood

One of the best ways to enhance both the appearance and functionality of your kitchen is by adding a range hood. Black is one of the most universal choices for a range hood, and will greatly improve the look and feel of any kitchen. All of the range hoods available at CopperSmith can be customized to suit your unique kitchen, including our black varieties. 


Reasons You Need a Range Hood

Are you considering adding a range hood to your kitchen? There are many great benefits to installing a range hood, especially one in black. Here are some of the top reasons to order yours today:


Safety & Ventilation

Range hoods are a safety appliance that cleans and filters the air in your kitchen. The range hood safely removes pollutants, including carbon monoxide, from your kitchen so you can enjoy a safe cooking space. Improve the air quality for your entire family with a range hood. 


Comfortable Cooking

Cooking creates a lot of excess heat and odor in your kitchen. Between the stove, microwave, burners, and other appliances, it is easy for your kitchen to quickly heat up. The heat and smells can even be overwhelming for the person cooking. Range hoods help remove some of the excess heat and offer relief for the cook while also removing smells that could linger in your kitchen for days.  


Easy to Clean 

Stainless steel is one of the easiest materials to clean. Our range hoods, even those in black, are stainless steel. Kitchens are very messy spaces, so it is important that you have a range hood that is easy to maintain. Simply wipe it down with some gentle soap and warm water and bring back the beautiful black. 


Incredible Architecture 

When you add one of our custom ranges to your kitchen, you also add a stunning architectural element to your kitchen. Bring your kitchen design to the next level and tie it all together with one of our black custom ranges. Choose from multiple design variations to find the black hood that suits your kitchen perfectly. 


Timeless Interior Design 

Black is a timeless color that is easy to incorporate into any interior design plan, making it the ideal color choice for your range. Invest in a range hood that is able to remain a gorgeous element of your kitchen for a long time, and that complements many different types of appliances, cabinets, and countertops. Never worry about your range hood fading out of style when you choose a black one. 



Range hoods are certainly an investment, but a black, stainless steel range hood is one of the most durable options available. Stainless steel is resistant to water and is able to withstand the steam, grease, and pollutants from the kitchen. With a stainless steel, black hood, you can count on a quality appliance that will last you many years and far outweigh the cost of initial investment. 


Order Your Range Hood Today

World CopperSmith has the perfect range hood in black for your kitchen. Browse through our catalog of range hoods and learn about the unique qualities they each offer. The dedicated team at World CopperSmith is always happy to help you in any way we can, and we pride ourselves in our exceptional customer service. We want to help you find the perfect black stove hood that will complete your kitchen. Call us today at 952-800-7231 for any questions you may have or for guidance selecting your black stove hood. 


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