CopperSmith outdoor products, fully customizable premium materials, constructed from Copper, Steel, Aluminum. Our collection includes Cupolas, weathervanes, finials to bring that finishing touch to your roofing project. Fire Pits, Planters, Birding and Rain Chains are key to your outdoor design aesthetic.


Transform Your Landscape With Outdoor Copper Products

Copper is made to withstand some of nature’s toughest elements, so it’s no wonder that it is one of the most popular metals for high-quality outdoor furniture and decor. When properly finished, copper is resistant to corrosion, stands up against extreme temperatures, and can naturally change over time into eye-catching patinas. Copper also comes in a versatile range of hues and finishes to achieve that specific look that matches your home aesthetic.


Our collection of outdoor copper products at CopperSmith can finalize your cohesive design in everything from your outdoor hosting area to the cupola on the top of your home. The interior of your home design often steals the spotlight, but your outdoor space has just as much to do with the overall energy of your property as any indoor room. Copper accents create a classic look that has stood the test of time, translating seamlessly into more contemporary color schemes.


In addition to copper, our series of outdoor products offer variations of many designs in high-quality vinyl, aluminum, and brass.


We’ve created this guide to weaving the beauty of copper throughout your outdoor space.


Elevating Your Outdoor Space

CopperSmith’s line of outdoor products come in a range of today’s top metals and alloys, including copper, stainless steel, and aluminum. Durability is just as crucial as its style when it comes to choosing the right metals for your outdoor space. The highest-quality construction creates outdoor pieces that are meant to last for decades with proper care. 


Explore all the ways to showcase the timeless look of copper throughout your property.



Add this class architectural accent to the top of your home, barn, or garage. Our copper cupolas are made-to-order and add a signature height to your home. A copper roofing on top of the wooden cupola reflects the sunlight to create a finishing touch on your outdoor design. 



There is nothing quite as classic as a weathervane-topped cupola, especially when it's constructed from polished or antique copper. Each weathervane is etched with intricately detailed carvings and a directional accent that matches the finish of the overall piece. Choose a carving that matches your home style, ranging from the classic weathervane rooster to a one-of-a-kind design featuring whales, ducks, and racehorses.



Finials, though similar to weathervanes in where they’re placed, primarily serve a decorative role as opposed to a functional one. A copper finial acts as a finishing touch atop your home, reflecting the light while blending with the natural materials showcases in your home architecture. Choose from CopperSmith’s range of unique finials in a classic arrow shape to an elegant fleur-de-lis.


Fire Pits

A stylish fire pit can transform even the simplest of backyard spaces or finished patios. It creates a centralized meeting place to gather with family and friends at the end of a hot summer day or a cool fall evening. Our copper fire pits vastly range in style, some of which built for firewood and others with a built-in gas burner. No matter the design, each fire pit is constructed with a unique style of 18-gauge copper, brass, or aluminum.



Accent your outdoor space with touches of vibrant copper by creating a dynamic garden of flowers and shrubs. Copper planters blend with both contemporary and rustic-chic-style homes. Purchase a set of copper planters in varying heights to enhance a front stoop or back porch.


Garden Accessories

When you incorporate handcrafted decor into a natural landscape, it’s important to use styles and colors that blend with its surroundings. Not only do copper garden accessories catch the light, but the deep gold hue complements your landscape’s foliage. Choose from items like birdhouses and bird feeders that feature copper into its decorative design and basic construction. Even small details, such as outdoor buckets for fire pit accessories, add a touch of style to small corners of your landscape.


Rain Chains

Make your outdoor landscape stand out by incorporating this traditional Japanese alternative to gutter downspouts. A decorative copper chain—enhanced by classic symbols like seashells or sunbursts—sends the rainfall delicately cascading into a small bowl below.


Outdoor Accessories

They say that beauty lies in the smallest of details, especially when making a house a home. Take advantage of the durability and elegance of copper in the small accessories like gutter attachments, wall mounts, and weathervane attachments.


CopperSmith is proud to guide each of its customers on how to transform their outdoor vision into a reality. Speak with one of our specialists at 952-800-7671 on how to weave copper into your landscape’s unmatched style.


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