Weathervanes are believed to originate from the first or second century B.C. when they were used for the same reason they are today—to indicate the direction of the wind. The iconic rooster, however, didn’t make an appearance for several hundred years and is assumed to have Christian origins in reference to St. Peter. Nowadays, weathervanes have branched out into all varieties of styles but still follow the same basic physics.CopperSmith offers timeless weathervane styles as well as modern designs, both with carved metal roosters and unique sculptures with everything from the Wright planes to leaping dolphins. Our collection aims to enhance the spirit and personality of your home while providing quality construction for decades of use.


Weathervanes: The Finishing Touch To Your Home

All of our weathervanes are constructed with either copper or brass. Copper weathervanes provide versatility when you need a specific finish or patina to match your homes color scheme or the surrounding garden aesthetic.


Where to Place a Weathervane

Weathervanes, though used to indicate the direction of the wind, are now commonly used to elevate the style of a building as well. You will often spot them on the tops of classic homes, chateaus, and of course, barns. Weathervanes were traditionally placed at the highest point of the home to avoid smaller cross breezes closer to the ground. This allowed the arrow to pick up the direction of the wind without interruption. This is why you’ll often spot weathervanes on the top of cupolas--the small tower at the center of the roof that often aided in ventilation for the higher areas of barns and buildings.


Weathervanes today also make ideal centerpieces for your garden or landscape. Add a weathervane to the top of your garden shed to tie in the colors and metals throughout the rest of your hardscape and landscape.


When you choose to place your weathervane atop a CopperSmith cupola, a mounting bracket is already included in the construction for easy installation. We also offer a separate mounting bracket for your roof, garden, or patio.


Parts of a Weathervane

These ancient weather-detecting tools have adapted over time, focusing more on their style and using materials that hold up in extreme weather. Symbolism has played a large role in weathervane style, as it has always been placed at the highest point of a major structure.


CopperSmith weathervanes come easy to assemble in several main sections. You can attach your weathervane directly to your Coppersmith cupola or purchase a mounting rod for alternate placement.


  • Rod: The weathervane rod is the central pole that connects all other parts of the structure. It also allows the decorative structure and directional accessory to rotate.

  • Globes: Two globes adorn each weathervane. There is typically a larger metal globe toward the base of the rod and a slightly smaller one above the directional.

  • Directional: The directional depicts north, south, east, and west and stays in place as the decorative topper turns with the wine.

  • Ornament: The ornamental topper is actually the most functional part of the weathervane. It traditionally has more mass on one side so that it can catch the direction of the wind, turning the front of the ornament to indicate the direction of the wind.


Choosing The Best Metal for Your Weathervane

With such extreme exposure to the element—and in such a hard-to-access part of your home—it’s important to choose a weathervane that holds up over time. Copper is known as one of the most durable metals, resistant to corrosion and extreme heat. Designers enjoy copper since it can be finished in so many unique varieties, including gold, deep brown, or even an emerald hue. Copper also naturally adjusts with time, taking on a unique patina as the metal slowly oxidizes. Here are a few copper options for your next weathervane offered by CopperSmith:


  • Natural copper

  • Verde copper

  • Copper and brass combinations

  • Bronze copper

  • Natural copper with added color

  • Gold copper

  • Weathered copper


Sizing your weathervane to your cupola or choosing the right style from your home is easier with expert advice. Speak to one of our specialists directly by calling 952-800-7671, and we’ll guide toward the weathervane ideal for your home's unique style. We strive to provide excellent service and individualized attention to each of our client’s needs.


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