Rain Chains

Your outdoor space should provide a respite from a hectic daily life. Small accents of high-quality decor make a large impact when creating a space that reflects your personal style. Our collection of copper rain chains adds a sense of sheer tranquility to your yard, especially on a rainy day when it’s important to highlight nature’s many beauties. Originating from Japan, rain chains redirect water off your roof and gutter, guiding the water as it cascades down a series of chain links and added decor. The piece is both functional and decorative, transforming a deluge of rain off the corner of a home into a choreographed waterfall. In this guide, we’ll cover the benefits of a rain chain and all the details you need to know about choosing and hanging the right rain chain for your home.


Working With Nature To Hang Your Rain Chain

Ornate homes, especially those with multiple roof levels and multiple gables, can encounter drainage issues in the rain. Without the proper installation of gutters, rain may still find ways to splash off the roof and affect the soil and plants below. Rain chains typically hang from the gutter of eaves to redirect the direction of these water flows. Through the power of surface tension, water clings to the chain links, sending the water down to one specific point. 


This process also cuts down on unwanted noise from a heavy flow of rain off your roof. For example, if the water hits a windowsill or your home’s siding, the rain chain can quietly redirect the noisy water to the chain itself.


As your rain cascades down the chain, you want to give it a place to land, otherwise you end up with the same issue as before. By adding a copper basin at the bottom of the chain, the water more delicately catches away from your soil and dissipates more naturally. You can also add a ceramic pot of stones or rocky soil to drain and disperse the water.


Rain chains can be used without gutters, but it is important to have a natural flow of rainwater nearby for the chain to catch the flow. Rain chains can also make a stylish addition to your backyard fountain design. You can also install a rain chain into a sturdy tree branch for a decorative look.


Choosing Your Ideal Rain Chain

Above all else, your rain chain must be made of high-quality metal to withstand the constant role of redirecting rainwater. Copper is a strong material for outdoor furniture and decor as it is both durable in the sun and water. The color of your natural copper rain chains will change over time, providing a new delicate hue that is unique to your metal. 


The construction of your rain chain must also be strong enough to redirect the flow of rain without interruption. Choose a rain chain that is both handcrafted of quality material and one which offers a lifetime warranty, as we do at CopperSmith.


Rain chains come in several varieties. The simplest design interlocks large copper or brass rings for an even flow of water. Others add decorative accents to break up the waterfall, such as small carvings of umbrellas, animals, or Zen symbols. Playful designs incorporate things like pineapples and sunbursts for a backyard statement.


You can also peruse various rain chain copper finishes. We offer a series of natural copper designs as well as those made of verde copper, which pairs well with a garden or earth-toned home.


How to Hang a Rain Chain

Once you find the perfect spot for your rain chain, it’s time to hang it. CopperSmith rain chains come with a simple installation clip that can be placed into any gutter with a pinch. The rain chain should have slightly away from the nearest wall or tree so that the rain properly directs down to the ground without interruption. The hammered copper basin connects to the bottom chain link for a final touch.


Our team is here to walk you through both choosing and installing your rain chain should you need assistance. We welcome all current and prospective customers to reach out at 952-800-7671 with any questions or guidance on choosing copper home decor both in and outside the house.


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