Bird Feeders

The most clever outdoor decor balances function with beauty. When you incorporate a bird feeder into your landscape, this small work of art encourages the natural ecosystem of your space. The right bird feeder should check a few boxes. It should be: Stylish, High-quality to withstand the elements, Easy to clean and refill, Encourage the birds local to your area. We’ve explored different ways to incorporate our many styles of copper bird feeders into your yard for ideal enjoyment. We’ll speak about how to choose the best design for your yard, where to place your bird feeder, and tips for keeping it clean and filled with everything that will attract winged visitors.


Choosing the Best Copper Bird Feeder For Your Home

All of CopperSmith’s unique bird feeders are designed with long-lasting copper finishes, high seed capacities, and a structure that will support birds in your yard for years to come. Brace your bird feeder securely in the ground, in a garden shepherds hook, or on a sturdy tree branch.


How to Choose a Birdfeeder

Bird feeders are eye-catching sculptures that supply food for your backyard fauna. As a multi-purpose accessory, you have a range of options when it comes to its structure. CopperSmith offers a mixture of traditional bird feeders and stunning constructions fit for the artistically inspired backyard spaces.


Bird Feeder Material

Since bird feeders complement your outdoor space, natural metals that are both sustainable and durable blend the best with the surrounding beauty. Copper is a highly environmentally friendly material as it lasts through wear and tear can be easily recycled.


It’s also important to keep your birdfeeder safe and strong both for your own safety and for the visiting birds. Our superior, hand-crafted bird feeders are built for decades of enjoyment. Since copper holds up in extreme heat and moisture, you don’t have to worry about it rusting or breaking down in inclement weather.


Bird Feeder Styles

You will traditionally encounter two types of bird feeders: open-style birdbaths and hanging bird feeders. Both varieties must be easy to refill, clean, and drain for ongoing upkeep. The design must allow for birds to perch and access the food in a way that invites them back time and again. Proper drainage is also essential for keeping rain from pooling at the bottom of the feeder and soaking the seeds. All of CopperSmitth’s bird feeders are designed for beauty and easy use for both you and the birds.


The Best Feeders For Your Yard

The Audubon Society recommends tube feeders for attracting the widest range of bird species. These types of feeders are easy to hand away from squirrels and welcome birds of all sizes. CopperSmith tube feeders feature a large seed capacity for low-maintenance upkeep.


Birdfeeder Placement

The placement of your bird feeder should be in a spot that is both beautiful to view and safe for its visitors. For example, avoid placing feeders too close to thick shrubberies or trees in case there are nearby predators that will discourage them from swooping down. Open branches that allow birds to naturally perch are ideal. Be sure to hang feeders five feet or so above the ground, just at about eye level. 


Also keep any sights, smells, or physical dangers in mind when choosing the best spot. Windchimes may spook birds off the feeder, as do the smells from the nearby garage or laundry vents. Specialists recommend either placing bird feeders far from windows or just a few feet away—so that birds are able to easily detect the nearby glass before lifting off.


Bird Feeders for a Modern Lawn 

Designing your outdoor space deserves just as much attention as the interior of your home. When choosing a bird feeder, select a design that shows off your modern design sensibilities. Speak with one of our specialists today for guidance on bird feeders, garden accessories, and architectural accents elevated by copper.


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