Boot Trays

Multi-use trays are a must-have in rainy season, mud season and snow season! Made of tough premium metal, our boot trays will help keep your home clean & stylish.



Keeping a clean and tidy home means different things to different people. However, for the most part, there’s one thing that we can all agree upon. 


No one likes dirty shoes strewn about their home. 


Whether you live alone or are a member of a large extended family all living under one roof, shoe organization is essential. Many households have enacted shoeless homes, in which the shoes and other outside items such as balls or toys are kept outside the home. 


This is to protect those who may become sick from the germs that we track into the home via the soles of our shoes. These include babies and toddlers who may be learning how to crawl or walk, those with allergies, or and those who are immunocompromised. 


One of the biggest reasons to consider choosing a boot tray from our extensive collection is that you will have a designated space for the shoes in your home. So whether you’ve got twin boys coming home from baseball practice or a spouse that enjoys a daily walking commute to work, you won’t have to worry about dirt and germs being tracked into your home. 


How to Organize Shoes by Room

Organizing shoes can be a headache, especially if you have multiple people or animals in your home. It can be especially challenging to break the habit of tossing your shoes off wherever they land. Challenging, but not impossible — as long as you know all the tips and tricks. Here’s how to organize shoes by room!


  • Living Room - If you have an entrance that opens up right into your living room, it's important to have an area that’s designated for shoes. So whether you tuck a tray in your hall closet or simply leave one by the door, make sure no one is tempted to track their dirty footprints across your home.  

  • Kitchen - Kitchens are some of the busiest rooms in a home — they see a lot of traffic. You want to make sure that the traffic isn’t created by tons of shoes. Whether you have a door that opens to a backyard or a porch area, leave a tray right outside the room. That way, you won’t have to contend with shoes all over the place!

  • Bedrooms - It’s very important to have adequate shoe storage in bedrooms. Not only will this decrease the chances that you notice wayward shoes around your home, but it encourages the inhabitants of your home to leave their excess shoes in their own space. Whether you opt for a shoe rack or tray is up to you, though shoe trays are much easier to manage and install. 

  • Mudrooms - As the name suggests, mudrooms are perfect for leaving shoes in, even those that have been worn through mud. These rooms can be decorated and add a sophisticated touch to your home’s decor. If you are looking for a spot to store your family’s shoes then a mudroom may be the perfect place to start!

  • Basements - If you happen to have a finished basement, try storing shoes out-of-sight down there! However, keep in mind, an unfinished basement might not be the best place to store shoes, as they can be moist and cause mold. 


Why Buy From CopperSmith?

Over the years, CopperSmith has built up a reputation for providing customers with only high-quality products. So whether you’re looking for the best product to help you store shoes or a brand new range hood for your kitchen, we have got you covered! Check out our selection of trays today and enjoy free shipping on purchases that are over $200!


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