Bathroom Sinks

Create a new, natural look for your bathroom with a stunning combination of a copper bathroom sink and tub. Break away from the tradition of porcelain and glass and embrace the authenticity of copper sinks and fixtures.

Our copper bathroom sinks for sale are beautifully rustic and maintenance free, bringing you a bathroom that is simple, sustainable, and clean.

At CopperSmith, our copper bathroom sinks for sale are handcrafted, unique, and distinctive, able to accommodate your personal style and home decor. No matter the combination you choose, your bathroom will become one of your favorite rooms, perfectly uniting the strength, natural beauty, and simplistic style of copper artistry. Buy bathroom sinks from CopperSmith!

7 Item(s) Products

7 Item(s) Products


Copper Bathroom Sinks for Every Style of Home

Each home has its own particular style and ambiance, right down to the bathroom. That’s why homeowners spend so much time finding just the right bathroom sink for their preferred look. At CopperSmith, we offer numerous types of hammered copper bathroom sinks to appeal to the widest possible number of buyers. Each copper bathroom sink that we offer is designed to help you turn your bathroom into one of the most delightful showpieces of your house. Order your preferred copper bathroom sink from CopperSmith today!


Rustic Copper Bathroom Sinks Echo Yesteryearcopper bathroom sinks

There has been a strong movement toward embracing the past among interior designers, homeowners and contractors. If your bathroom is reminiscent of yesteryear, you’ll love the rustic copper bathroom sinks we offer. One of the most popular “old-fashioned” styles is the farmhouse hammered copper sink. These natural copper bathroom sinks have a vintage appeal, and are quite sturdy and deep-basined. They’re ideal for any bathroom in your home, or even a bathroom-laundry area combination where you want a substantial copper sink, but perhaps not one as big as a typical kitchen copper sink model.


Modern Copper Bathroom Sinks Reflect Contemporary Values

If your home has a more contemporary flair and appeal, you’ll appreciate the modern copper bathroom sinks that we have available at CopperSmith. For instance, some modern home lovers like to add a copper vessel sink to their bathrooms, especially their powder rooms or three-quarter baths. Copper vessel bathroom sinks stand above the countertop and provide a visually interesting aspect to the room. Many times, they are the featured centerpiece of the bathroom ambiance.


Copper Bathroom Sinks Available in Drop-In or Undermount Varieties

Are you planning to replace your current bathroom sink with a copper model? Our drop-in copper sinks and undermount copper sinks are perfectly suited for easy installation. All you (or your contractor) have to do is remove your current bathroom sink and replace it with the correctly sized drop-in or undermount copper bathroom sink. Unsure about what size to order? Contact our customer service line at 888-431-4677 for fast, friendly advice.


Keeping Your New Copper Bathroom Sink Spotless

Copper is one of the most forgiving surfaces, which is another reason to choose a copper bathroom sink. To clean copper, you only need water and mild soap. Clean the basin using a soft sponge or cloth, and then buff the surface completely dry. Avoid using harsh chemicals or detergents on your copper sink, as they can temporarily make spots or stains. Over time, your copper will start to deepen in color, which is one of the truly wonderful aspects of this sink material! Best of all, copper naturally fights off bacteria, so it’s perfect for bathrooms.