Sink Care Tips

Copper Farmhouse Sink Maintenance Tips

Have you been thinking about adding warmth and attractiveness to your kitchen by purchasing a copper farmhouse sink? Farmhouse sinks made from at least 99% pure copper mixed with a non-lead alloy to harden the metal are an incredible investment.


With just a few maintenance tricks, you will be able to enjoy your copper farmhouse — or apron front — sink for as long as you live in your home. First, though, it is important to understand more about the copper from which your sink is made.

Copper Sink Care


Why We Call Our Copper Farmhouse Sinks “Alive”

You have probably noticed that copper pennies eventually darken over time. That is because the copper is reacting with everything it touches. Copper is a living material, and that means your copper farmhouse sink will have a living finish.


Although most all the copper sinks available through CopperSmith have been treated to keep their general patina, they will still change subtly over time. This is generally one of the most enjoyable aspects of having such a beautiful addition to one of the busiest rooms in the house!


Less Is More When Cleaning Copper Farmhouse Sinks

You might have worried that it would be difficult to keep your copper farmhouse sink clean, but copper farmhouse sink care is quite simple. Just remember the age-old mantra “Less is more.” When your copper farm sink becomes dirty, you need only wipe it down with a little soap and water. Then, dry it with a clean cloth.


There is no need to buy any special kind of copper cleaner. You do not need to scour it, either. In fact, you should avoid abrasive cleaners or cleaning materials because they can scratch the copper finish.


Antibacterial Properties Are a Big Bonus to a Copper Farmhouse Sink

Copper farmhouse sinks from CopperSmith will not pass any metal into your foods or drinks. What they will do, however, is promote the cleanliness in your kitchen. Copper has natural antibacterial properties, which means bacteria cannot live very long when deposited into the copper sink basin.


Add Wax If Needed and Desired to Your Copper Farm Sink

Some people like to add a coat of wax to help preserve the patina of their copper farmhouse kitchen sinks. There are waxes designed for this situation, so make sure you purchase one that specifically for copper sinks. However, please note that there are homeowners who like the changing look of the copper finish and find that they would rather not add a wax covering.


Avoid Acids Whenever Possible to Limit Spotting and Staining

If acids such as lemon juice and vinegar come in direct contact with the copper in your kitchen sink, you may notice a stain mark. This stain is a direct chemical reaction and will fade over time. To avoid this type of situation, however, never pour acids directly onto the exposed copper. Instead, if you have to drain an ingredient that contains acid, consider filling the sink with water first to dilute the acid as much as possible.

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