Choosing Copper Bathroom Sink

Choosing Copper Bathroom Sinks for Sale Has Never Been Easier


When you’re shopping online for copper bathroom sinks for sale, you definitely want to do your homework. Copper sinks are a fantastic investment, but it can seem overwhelming to pick between all your choices. To help you narrow down the possibilities, consider these factors:


  • Basin Type. Are you considering a vessel bathroom sink that rises majestically and boldly above the countertop on which it sits? Or are you looking for a vintage-style copper farmhouse sink for your rustic-themed master bathroom? CopperSmith offers many types of bathroom sink basins made from hammered copper to suit your preferences.


  • Basin Size. The size of your basin will determine where it can fit and add to your décor. If you’re replacing your current bathroom sink with a copper bathroom sink, you’ll want to measure the sink you’re going to be removing. This will help you figure out what basin size you need.


  • Price of Copper Sink. Copper sinks come in a range of prices, and CopperSmith has every price point covered. Consider your budget, and also consider how long a lovingly-treated copper bathroom sink can last. Copper sinks that are cleaned appropriately can last a lifetime.


  • Basin Patina. The patina of your copper bathroom sink is just its finish, or the color of copper that you see. Over time, the basin patina will change. This is due to copper being a “living” material. Exposure to water, chemicals, heat, light and air all stimulate the copper. Most homeowners find that the color tends to deepen, although the patina changes tend to stay within the original color range.


  • Basin Reviews. It’s important to look over several copper bathroom sink reviews to find out what other shoppers are saying about the copper bathroom basins they have. Do they love what they received? Would they choose a different style of basin if they could go back and do it again? Read all the copper bathroom sinks reviews that you can find at trustworthy sites.


  • Referrals from Friends. Along with all the reviews you read online, you would be wise to talk to any friends who have copper bathroom sinks in their homes. Find out why they chose copper, and how their experiences can help you make the best choice for your home’s bathroom spaces.


Of course, the most important aspect of getting a copper bathroom sink is finding one that you absolutely adore! Take time and browse through our catalog of copper bathroom sinks in numerous styles at CopperSmith.


Get Ready for a New Look With Copper


One of the most exciting elements of having a copper bathroom sink is that it will add to the ambiance of your bathroom in ways you might not have expected or imagined! Many first-time copper sink owners are surprised at how much of a showpiece a copper sink is. You may just find that one copper sink in your bathroom isn’t enough — you’ll want to put copper sinks in all the areas of your home, such as your kitchen and laundry.

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