Copper Kitchen Sink Care

Copper Sink Care Made Simpler


Have you been hesitant about adding a copper kitchen sink to your home because you were afraid of the upkeep? Many people are misinformed about copper kitchen sinks and don’t realize that copper sink maintenance is actually quite simple. You just need to know exactly how to keep your copper kitchen sink in pristine condition. Below are some of our favorite hints and tips for treating your copper sink like gold!


Water and Soap Are the Cleansers of Choice


Copper may look fancy, but it doesn’t require any fancy cleaners. In fact, you likely already have everything you need to keep your copper sink beautiful. In general, it’s best to clean your copper sink using only warm water and a mild soap, such as a non-abrasive dish detergent. This should get any residue off of the copper. After giving your copper kitchen sink a bath, simply dry it off with a soft towel. Doing so will stop any pooling of water, which can cause temporary discoloration in the natural, living metal.


As an interesting side note, copper will actually help you clean by starting the process before you ever take soap and water to its surface! Copper has been heralded for its antibacterial properties, which destroy bacteria faster than other types of sink materials, including stainless steel. By the time you get out your cleaning items, your copper sink will already have begun the job.


Add Wax If Warranted to Further Seal the Patina


Some owners of copper sinks like to add a seal of special wax to the interior and exterior of their copper basin, even if a sealant was originally applied. This wax helps preserve the color of the patina, although the patina will still change slightly over time. If you have a question about whether or not to wax your CopperSmith sink, please feel free to contact our customer service personnel.


Steer Clear of Standing Acidic Ingredients


One important consideration when investing in a copper kitchen sink is that copper reacts to acids. If you spill a little lemon juice on your copper sink, it will cause a lighter stain. This worries many copper sink owners, and they often immediately talk about this situation on copper kitchen sink review sites.


What first-time copper kitchen sink buyers might not realize is that this type of stain is avoidable if you keep acids away from direct contact with the copper. However, if you do get acid on your copper sink, the staining should go away within a few weeks. Copper is extremely forgiving!


Trust Copper Kitchen Sink Durability for a Lifetime


You love your home, so why not love your kitchen sink, too? CopperSmith brings you durable copper kitchen sinks to fit every lifestyle need and interior décor. Visit our selection of premium, hammered copper sinks today!

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