Copper Bathroom Sink Shapes

Bathroom in Need of an Upgrade? Try a Copper Sink!


Have you been saying for a while that you want to update your bathroom? One of the fastest, simplest ways is with a brand new sink. At CopperSmith, our copper oval and square bathroom sinks are popular for numerous reasons, although the main one is that they look incredible! Add style and functionality to any bathroom in your home with a copper model. You can order from us online and get your square or oval copper bathroom sink delivered to your door. It is the most efficient way to order copper sinks from a trusted American supplier.


Copper Bathroom Sinks With the Perfect Fit


Copper bathroom sinks come in both oval and square shapes to fit in perfectly with the look and dimensions of your bathroom. Many homeowners and contractors appreciate being able to choose between rectangular or curvier bathroom sinks. If you are trying to decide which type will be ideal for your needs, consider the other décor elements in your bathroom. Will an oval sink mimic arcs that are already in your bathroom, such as a slope of the bathtub or the arch in a doorway? Would a square copper bathroom sink echo the straight, sharp lines that add sleekness to your flooring and walls? There is no wrong way to incorporate an oval or square copper sink into your space — it is all up to your preferred final look.

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 Cleaning Copper Bathroom Sinks

If you have never had the pleasure of owning a copper bathroom sink before, you might be surprised to discover that copper is among the easiest types of sink to keep shiny and beautiful. Copper requires little upkeep and maintenance. In general, you can get it to glow by just cleaning it regularly with a mild soap and a soft towel, and then buff it to a dry sheen. Avoid any acidic cleaners or harsh abrasives, as they can scratch the surface unnecessarily. Over time, your copper sink will naturally react to exposure to water and air, and will turn colors. Many homeowners are awestruck by how gorgeous copper becomes. No wonder copper is known as a “living” element! If your sink came with a sealant, there is no need for any buffing.


Copper’s Antibacterial Properties Are Ideal for the Bathroom


Many people are concerned about keeping their bathrooms as free of bacteria as possible, and copper sinks help with this desire. Bacteria that come in contact with copper die quickly, even if you are unable to clean them up immediately. This makes copper a beautiful surface for any bathroom sink, whether in the master bathroom, the downstairs powder room, the kids’ bathroom or the guest bathroom.


Order your next square or oval copper bathroom sink today from CopperSmith. 

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