Copper Apron Front Sink

Find the Perfect Classic Copper Apron Front Sink for Your Home

Your home should be a place where you feel comfortable and love to relax. As one of the busiest rooms in the house, the kitchen is usually a focal point. Why not bring it to life with a classic copper apron front sink from CopperSmith?


Our hand-crafted, hammered copper apron front sinks are exquisitely created to suit a plethora of kitchen interior design styles, as well as architectural home designs. You are certain to find the high-quality copper apron sink that will add just the right touch of class, elegance, and beauty to the room where function and aesthetics meet.


A Resurgence in Popularity of Copper Apron Sinks

copper apron front sink

There has been nothing less than a true resurgence in the popularity of the copper apron sink. Originally, the apron sink, or farmhouse sink as it is sometimes called, was purely practical. Apron sinks are very deep and are essentially dropped into place. The apron, or area in the front that sticks out from the surrounding cabinetry and countertop serves as a place a person can lean against comfortably. Thus, spending hours at the sink is less taxing when an apron sink is available.


Today, most people do not have to work as hard at their kitchen sinks, but they still love copper apron sinks. Not only are they gorgeous additions to almost any kitchen décor, but they also bring to mind a sense of yesteryear. Nostalgia and sophistication combine when adding an apron sink!


Copper Apron Front Sinks Have Advantages Beyond the Eye

Although it is impossible to ignore the tremendous aesthetic appeal of a copper apron front sink, it is important to remember that copper apron sinks have some very distinct advantages. First, copper is a naturally antibacterial material. This means bacteria cannot thrive and grow on a copper surface. Unlike other types of metal sinks, a copper apron sink will promote a healthier food preparation and disposal environment.


Next, caring for hammered copper is very convenient. Cloth, some warm water and a little bit of ordinary soap will keep any CopperSmith copper apron front sink clean. There is no need to add any other kind of cleaning regimen. Just wipe up and dry the surface.


Finally, one huge benefit to a copper apron sink is that it is made from a living material. This means it will slightly change and deepen in color over time. Watch as the patina of your custom-created sink transforms from year-to-year! It is an incredible, living work of art.


The Right Size Copper Apron Sink for Your Needs

CopperSmith provides you with apron sinks in copper in a variety of sizes. We also offer double basins as well as single basins. Order your next copper apron front sink from the top supplier, CopperSmith.

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