The role of the flexible garden may have changed over the decades, but it is still one of the major players in home design. As minimalist, streamlined style takes off, homeowners are choosing accessories that make a statement without a lot of fanfare. Copper planters provide a naturally striking solution to displaying plants. Highly durable and versatile, copper blends with all styles of home designs, whether you’re enhancing your patio or sunroom.


Transform Your Space with Modern Copper Planters


In this guide, we’ll explore simple ways to elevate your home with planters in varying patinas of copper. Switch out your planters for the season or rotate different plants to provide variety in your home design when you need a change. Below, you can explore how different sizes and shapes can help balance a room as well as the benefits of choosing this timeless and high-quality metal.


How to Incorporate Planters Into Your Home

A touch of lush greenery can soften a space by bringing the color of the outdoors to both the restful and active moments of your day. Peruse each room and hosting space below for ideas of how to work copper planters into your home.



Decorating your front door or foyer is the best way to make an initial impression on your guests. High-quality planters are also an easy way to boost curb appeal without transforming your whole garden. Keep it simple with symmetry. Place two large planters on either side of the door or offset two larger plants with complementary smaller companions.


Living Room

A touch of greenery in the busiest room of the house keeps it looking fresh and clean. Living rooms are all about creating space to move and gather, so we recommend choosing one or two statement planters to balance a seating area or enhance an unused corner of the space. 


You can also use planters to transition open floor plans. CopperSmith’s rectangular trough planter, for example, creates a natural separation unit between a seating and dining area.



Kitchen planters are often kept to the windowsills, shelving, and counters. Such an active area doesn’t always lend to large furniture and decor. However, a thin, tall planter with a tree or grassy plant adds color to monochrome space without getting in the way. Tuck it into the entranceway of the kitchen or in an open corner for height. Match your planter’s patina to any copper elements in your range or counter space.


Dining Room

In a room made for slowing down and cutting out distractions, dining rooms are ideal places to bring nature indoors. Cluster planters in the corner of the room or one planter beneath each window for symmetry. Choose an easily movable planter so you can transition the space for large gatherings.



Plants in the bedroom are an often-overlooked trick for modernizing and softening a space. Today’s design trends are encouraging simplifying your bedroom color scheme with pops of natural color. A copper planter with a burst of green is the perfect way to offset a neutral color scheme.


Patio and Backyard

This is where your planters and eye for creative design can really shine. Your outdoor space is a blank palette for creating room to host, cook, dine, and gather around the fire. It’s up to you to designate different areas of the open space for each. Movable planters act as natural dividers in an otherwise structure-free area. Add a collection of 2-3 planters in the corner of your outdoor seating area or separate your poolscape and yard with long, trough planters for safety.


Additionally, choosing one of the strikingly natural copper colors balances with different hardscape elements like pavers and outdoor furniture.


Benefits of Copper In Your Home

Even the smallest elements of your home should last decades without extensive upkeep. When you choose high-quality metals like copper and its alloys, you avoid facing the risk of corrosion or rust. 


CopperSmith planters come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to complement each room of your home. They are durable yet light enough to move. Many of our planters can also be customized for the hue that best matches your home aesthetic. Speak with a copper decor expert at 952-800-7671 to begin transforming your home today.