Fire Pits

Our mission to create sustainable high quality - ultra-durable designer fire pit required a brand collaboration. We start by building a solid iron frame and wrapping it with hammered 18 gauge copper, brass, zinc or aluminum. The frame keeps the rigidity up through the years - and the rust-free metal options provide a natural shell to house the fittings. Within the fire pit, we only offer brass burners for performance, efficiency, and longevity. Housed on a solid aluminum pan - these burners are covered in lava rock or glass for a decorative finish.  Extensive testing and user feedback led to the development of the fire pit tabletop cover. This multi-functional accessory allows you to double the fire pit as a table or bar top.  


Our unique approach - We pair Engineering + Design + Artisan craftsmanship to make an impact on your outdoor space. 


Natural Gas or Liquid Propane.

A variety of premium accessories are available. 

Custom sizes, shapes, and applications available.




4 Item(s) Products

4 Item(s) Products


Designing An Outdoor Space Around a Fire Pit

Of all the modern outdoor home trends, fire pits and fireplaces have been on the rise for the past decade. Homeowners are yet again, making the gathering space of their landscape the focal point of their backyard, patio, or poolscape.


There are three main components to keep in mind when finding the best fire pit for your space: style, safety, and convenience. Copper fire pits are the go-to choice for quality style, simplicity, and durability. At CopperSmith, we offer fire pits in a range of copper patinas styles—from modern gas-powered fire pits to wood-burning varieties with intricately carved spark screens.


The Metal Made for Fire Pits

You’re unlikely to find a more ideal metal for hosting your friends around the fire. Copper conducts and distributes heat more evenly than similar metals. Because of this, your fire pit will emit heat more evenly throughout your space for a longer period of time. Spread your outdoor seating in the position of your choice without the fear of losing heat from the fire.


Copper is also meant to live outdoors and withstand all of nature’s elements. No need to pull the fire pit into the shed every time the weather turns. Over time, copper naturally adjusts its hues to a unique new color that will give your piece a one-of-a-kind style.


When you do need to move your fire pit for the season, copper is a lightweight option compared to other metals. Granted, other elements of the fire pit such as a gas stove or extra accessories can make some styles heavier, smaller alternatives are ideal for those who frequently transition their outdoor space for guests.


Above all else, you can bet on your CopperSmith fire pit inspiring years of backyard enjoyment. Copper is famously durable, meaning you can design the rest of your outdoor elements around this long-lasting investment.


Choosing a Wood or Gas-Burning Fire Pit

Though you may be more inclined to go the traditional wood-fire route, there are many benefits to both types of fire pits. 


Wood-Burning Fire Pits

Wood-burning fire pits are often the more budget-friendly option, but they do not sacrifice style and beauty in the process. When burning firewood, we recommend adding a spark shield to protect against sparks and debris. These spark shields provide an extra opportunity to showcase design and artistic elements. Wood burning stoves are often lighter than their gas or propane-fueled varieties, making them more ideal for spaces that require flexibility.


Gas Fire Pits

The beauty of gas fire pits begins in the sturdy frame constructed of rust-resistant copper. Our gas fire pits come in a range of stylish shapes that complement outdoor patios, decks, and outdoor dining areas. Choose between manual or electric ignition of our signature brass burners by the specialists Warming Trends. Our designers can help you choose the best display for your fire pit. Consider rolled lava stones or a range of colorful fire glass to transform the burners into a roaring fire pit for gathering guests and loved ones.


Both varieties of fire pits can be customized to your style. Choose from a range of natural or hand-crafted copper patinas to match the style of your home.


Features of CopperSmith Fire Pits

Our designers considered every element of our fire pit designs for ultimate durability, quality, and look. Each fire pit is built with sustainable material that balances strength and style. Each fire pit benefits from the following features:


Strong Frame

An iron frame lays beneath all our fire pits. They are then wrapped in copper, aluminum, brass, or zinc.


Powerful Burners

If you choose a gas-burning fire pit, each variety includes a brass burner. Brass is the most ideal metal for endurance and long-lasting power over years of use. 


Touch of Craftsmanship

You won’t find the unique design of each CopperSmith fire pit anywhere else. Choose between several standard styles that incorporate modern, minimalist design or intricate Aztec etchings.


Our team can walk you through the design process when choosing your ideal fire pit. Customize the fire pit that transforms your outdoor landscape into an area that warmly welcomes guests for long summer nights of conversation.