Rounded Farmhouse

Rounded farmhouse sinks are popular because of their distinctive style & ergonomic benefits. You'll find that a rounded apron style kitchen sink will set your home apart!

7 Item(s) Products

7 Item(s) Products


Distinguish Your Kitchen with a Rounded Farmhouse Sink 

Your kitchen is a space to display your personal style, but it is also one of the most functional rooms in your home. For those reasons, you need both functionality and style in each and every piece of your kitchen. When creating a classic, yet distinctive kitchen design, your sink is one of the most important items. The farmhouse-style sink is a highly coveted design that will enhance the style and appearance of your entire kitchen. CopperSmith offers a wide range of highly customizable rounded sinks so you can find the one that perfectly fits your kitchen needs. Order your ideal sink today and have it within a matter of weeks. 


Rounded Apron Sinks Set Your Home Apart

If you are new to the idea of a rounded or farmhouse sink, there are many reasons to consider this style for your kitchen. Rounded apron sinks offer many important advantages for your kitchen. Some of the top benefits include:


Unique Style: Rounded apron style sinks are an incredibly distinctive choice. These kinds of sinks have a built-in appearance, where the front of the sink is exposed. Because of this, the beautiful design and material of the sink are on display in your kitchen. When you choose this kind of sink, you get a strong interior design element that can completely transform your kitchen with its charm. This style is not just for the kitchen with a farm-style flair. Because they come in many different colors and materials, rounded sinks are an excellent choice for nearly any kitchen aesthetic. 


Easy cleanup. Kitchen sinks face gunk and grime from food and dishes. Having a sink that is easy and quick to clean is important for a functional kitchen, especially for people who cook often. Rounded sinks don’t have corners that hold on to chunks of food or slimy grime, so they are much easier to wipe down and keep sparkling clean. 


Deeper Basin. Apron sinks have deeper, larger basins than other sink styles. Their large basins make these sinks ideal for washing dishes. You can more easily wash larger dishes, like pots and pans, in this type of sinks. For people who wash their dishes by hand, cook frequently with large pots and pans, or have many dishes to handle each day, the farmhouse sink is an ideal choice. 


Ergonomics. The farmer sink also has important ergonomic benefits. Because the front is exposed, apron sinks are closer to the edge of the counter. This provides an ergonomic advantage, as it becomes easier to lean over the sink. The ergonomic design makes it much easier and more comfortable to do daily tasks at your kitchen sink like preparing food or washing dishes. 



Find Your Perfect Rounded Farmhouse Sink Today 

An apron-front sink is the most beneficial choice for you if the deep, large basin works best with your dishwashing and cooking style. Regardless of your kitchen style, you can find a rounded sink that fits and exemplifies your home. CopperSmith has a wide variety of farmhouse copper or stainless steel sinks. You can even fully customize your sink to fit your exact style. For all CopperSmith farmhouse-style sinks, you can select your patina, texture, gauge, size, texture, drain lines, drain, and faucet. Look through all of the apron sinks we offer and design the perfect one for your home. Our dedicated team is always ready to help answer your questions. Simply give us a call at 952-800-7671 for exemplary customer service. Helping you get the farm sink you love is our goal!


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