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Browse our collection of brass sinks, available for the kitchen, bar & bathroom. Our brass sinks are available in a variety of mounts including farmhouse, undermount, vessel, and drop-in. We offer 4 hand hammered finishes, polished, burnished, aged and blackened. We also offer smooth brass sinks in a signature weathered finish & designer front apron finishes. You'll find brass to be a popular kitchen design element with excellent longevity.

6 Item(s) Products

6 Item(s) Products


Complete Your Kitchen with a Brass Sink

Creating the perfect kitchen design involves a delicate balance between beauty and functionality. One of the most important, yet often overlooked, elements of kitchen design and efficiency is the sink. Of course, there are so many different sink designs and materials on the market. For a timeless, quaint kitchen aesthetic, opt for a brass one. Brass is a metal alloy made by combining copper and zinc, and it has many amazing properties for the kitchen. At CopperSmith, we have many different varieties of brass sinks to fit your kitchen needs. 


Reasons to Choose Brass for Your Sink

Brass is a highly underrated metal that is a great addition to many different kitchens. While brass is excellent to use for hardware and light fixtures, it is also ideal for kitchen sinks. Here are some of the reasons to choose a kitchen sink made of brass:


Timeless Design

Brass is one of the oldest materials around and will give your kitchen a vintage look. You don’t have to worry about your kitchen fading out of style or clashing with new trends when you stick to a classic metal like brass. This stunning metal often has a gold tint that pairs excellently with black and can even mix well with other metals. CopperSmith has a wide variety of designs and finishing included hand-hammered, antique, dark antique, matte, and polished, so it is easy to find a brass sink that fits your kitchen aesthetic and will age flawlessly. 


Easy Maintenance

Kitchens are often hard to keep clean, especially around the sink. Your kitchen sink is the hub for washing and chopping food and scrubbing dishes, which are messy jobs. Sinks face a lot of grime including food chunks, dirty dishes, and grease. The easier your sink is to clean, the easier it is to clean your entire kitchen. Luckily, brass is incredibly easy to maintain and clean. Typically, you will only need a wet, warm cloth and maybe a bit of gentle soap. If you're looking to remove tarnish, you can simply use a metal cleaning product like brasso. 


Environmentally Friendly 

Being environmentally conscious is often a big concern when doing renovations. Luckily, brass is easy to recycle, and nearly 90% of all brass alloys are recycled. When you choose this metal, you can rest assured that it will be easily recycled in the future, and your sink may have even come from recycled brass. 



While handling the mess and hassle of kitchen life day in and day out, your kitchen sink takes a beating. Durability is an essential quality for a new sink and one that brass certainly has. This metal is highly resilient and retains its condition for many years without corrosion or rusting. Additionally, it is able to withstand very high temperatures, so you do not have to worry about it while using hot water for dishes or other kitchen tasks. 


Find Your Perfect Sink Today 

CopperSmith has the perfect brass sink for your kitchen. Choose from under-mount, vessel, drop-in, and farmhouse style to find the one best suited for your kitchen. Customize every important detail including the patina, rim, faucet, and drain so you have a sink that perfectly suits your needs and style. If you have any questions about our products or would like some guidance, simply give us a call at 952-800-9039. Our dedicated team is always ready to provide top-notch customer service. Our ultimate goal is to help you find the sink you will love for a long time!






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