Bar Sinks

Our copper bar sinks (also available in stainless steel) come in a variety of sizes, shapes, textures, and patinas perfect for indoor or outdoor use. You'll find the available options for each sink on our product pages. If you don't find the bar sinks for sale in the size or shape you need, contact us for a free custom quote.

6 Item(s) Products

6 Item(s) Products


Dress Up Any Food Prep Area With Copper Bar Sinks

Copper bar sinks are becoming more popular for homeowners who want something a little different and tremendously sophisticated in their food preparation areas. The copper bar sinks that you will find at CopperSmith are unique, and ideally suited to a wide range of décor and architectural styles. You will find hammered copper bar sinks for every place in your residence where you need this kind of eye-catching touch. Order today online, and have your copper sink delivered right to your door!


Copper Bar Sinks to Fit Any Area

copper bar sinks for sale

You do not have to have a bar to need a bar sink. Bar sinks are ideally suited for any area where you need a smaller sink with a significant capacity. For instance, many homeowners enjoy adding a small, square copper sink to their outdoor grill areas. This allows them to prepare any food and drink items quickly without having to go into the kitchen. Not only does it save time, but the copper bar sink looks amazing, too.


Additionally, some homeowners enjoy putting copper bar sinks and faucets in their kitchens, especially if they have spacious rooms. It is extremely convenient for cooks and bakers to have a separate square copper bar sink to use in addition to their regular copper sink. If you invest in this kind of added efficiency, you will immediately see the advantages.


Finally, the laundry area can be a fantastic place for a copper bar sink, especially if you do not have room for a full-size laundry basin but still want access to running water and a place to pre-treat items. Small copper bar sinks in round or square shapes fit well into modestly-sized places and add a touch of glamour to laundry spaces.


Enjoy Copper Bar Sinks for Their Look and Cleaning Ease

Although copper bar sinks may appear difficult to clean, taking care of them is easy. All you need to use is a non-abrasive material, such as a soft cloth, to wipe up the surface with water and a mild detergent or soap. Any liquid that remains in the copper basin should then be removed using a dry cloth. Over time, all copper sinks will change patina, or color, slightly. This is a naturally-occurring benefit of owning a copper sink.


Copper Bar Sinks That Are the Right Fit

Whether you need a copper bar sink that has an undermount, or a copper bar sink that fits directly into your existing sink space, you can find it at CopperSmith. Our copper bar sinks for sale reflect our pursuit of excellence in all the products we offer. If you ever have any questions about any item at our site, please call us directly at 1-888-431-4677.