Clawfoot Tubs

No bathroom remodel is complete without a brand new bathtub. Clawfoot tubs are one of the most popular choices for creating a new bathroom aesthetic. These tubs offer an ideal bathing experience while also giving your bathroom a clean vintage look. Not only do these tubs work and look amazing, but they also come in many diverse options so you can find the perfect one for your bathroom. CopperSmith has a wide selection of bathtubs available for you to choose from. Order your preferred bathtub today and receive it within just a few weeks.

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2 Item(s) Products


Top Benefits of Choosing a Clawfoot Tub

Are you in the search for a new bathtub? With so many styles available, it can be hard to choose. Here are the top reasons we suggest choosing a clawfoot one:


Easy Installation: Bathroom remodels can be very complicated, daunting, and laborious. The bathtub installation is particularly difficult in many cases. However, this could not be further from the truth if you pick a bathtub with the clawfoot design. One of the most appealing characteristics of tubs with this design is that they are incredibly easy to install. You do not have to remove walls or caulk and edges, just place the tub where you want it and connect the plumbing. For this reason, these tubs are also top choices for rooms that are being converted to bathrooms. Their freestanding style makes these tubs versatile in terms of placement as well. 


Comfortable baths: People who enjoy soaking in the tub and take baths are ideal candidates for this style of the tub. The contour and shape of a clawfoot tub allow you to recline and comfortably soak in the bath. Additionally, these tubs are much deeper than most drop-in tubs and also keep heat in very well. With this kind of tub, you can comfortably soak in the bath for a long time without the water becoming cold. 


Durability: Replacing your bathtub only to have it fall apart within a few years is a terrible nightmare. When you upgrade such important elements of your home, you want them to last for many years to come. There are many stories about people restoring old victorian homes but keeping the original clawfoot bathtub because it is such an excellent condition. These tubs are built to last and you can count on their durability.


Traditional aesthetic: Homeowners looking to create a classic, traditional bathroom aesthetic should definitely consider this style of bathtub. The clawfoot bathtub has barely changed in the two centuries they have existed, so they have a distinctly classic look with striking claw features.  

These elegant bathtubs have a luxurious look and feel that will transform your bathroom. 


Easy to clean: Stained, dirty, or grimy bathtubs greatly detract from the overall appearance of your bathroom. Many tubs are simply difficult to keep clean. If you get a clawfoot tub with a hand shower, it will be very easy to clean. You can use the flexible shower hose to rinse every single part of the bathtub. Additionally, the raised style of this tub makes it easier and more comfortable to wash your child or pet in the tub and then efficiently clean up afterward. 


Find Your Perfect Bathtub Today 

CopperSmith has a wide assortment of bathtubs to choose from, including many clawfoot-style tubs. Each tub is expertly designed and crafted to ensure longevity. If you ever need help with product selection or have any questions, our committed team is available to help. Simply give us a call at 952-800-7671 for excellent customer service. We can’t wait to help you find a bathtub you will love for life!


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