Saute Pans

They are the ideal tool for flambéing and sautéing your dishes, while also excelling at searing, and shallow frying. They will easily last for a few lifetimes. Solid copper mass and and silver or tin lining make for perfect heat conductors that will give you ultimate control over your cooking. Hammered & Smooth finish.


Copper Saute Pans

The most-used utensil in the kitchen may be the wooden spoon or the chef’s knife and the most-used piece of cookware in a kitchen is definitely a sturdy sauté pan! With its sloping walls, wide base, and durable handle, sauté pans can be used to fry eggs, steam broccoli, make stir-fry and more.

There is no pan as versatile; while more specialized pans exist, you’ll find that if you get a good sauté pan and treat it well, you’ll be able to use it to do many of the jobs you require in normal cooking.

What makes a great sauté cooking pan? Let’s delve into this question in the following section.


Choosing a Great Sauté Pan

While the right sauté pan for you will likely be almost as unique as you are, there are some general principles that might help you choose a good value for what is sure to become one of your kitchen workhorses.

  • One of the ways to distinguish sauté pans is by their thickness or gauge. You’ll want to invest in a thicker-bottomed pan, as a thin one is less durable and will heat and scorch more quickly than is advisable. Choose one with a gauge of about 10 for the best results!

  • You can get sauté pans of all sizes, but the bigger — the better. The reasoning behind this logic is that an overcrowded pan doesn’t cook food evenly and you’ll end up wasting time.

  • The longest handle possible is best for your pan. You’ll be moving the pan around on the burner, so choosing one that allows you ultimate maneuverability without putting your hand in danger is key!

  • Finally, ensure that your sauté pan comes with a matching lid. There are some cooking techniques for which you’ll want to be able to put a lid over your dish and walk away. Having to source a perfectly matching lid from a different location than your original sauté pan is a frustration you do not need!


Sauté All Day

It’s one of the French cooking terms that has become ubiquitous in American culinary terminology, but what does it mean?

The technical definition, handed down from French chefs over the years, is to cook something over high heat in a little bit of fat (such as butter or oil). In addition, there should be a lot of movement while cooking; the word ‘sauté’, after all, comes from the French ‘to jump’.


The Hygienic Properties of Copper

Not only is copper one of the best metals for conducting and distributing heat, but it’s also actually more inherently sanitary than many of its counterparts. Copper is naturally infused with antimicrobial properties; in tests, it’s been shown to kill off both bacteria and viruses without any additional aid. While you shouldn’t rely on copper to keep your food safe, it’s definitely good to know that your sauté pan is on your side!


For sauté pans that are gorgeous, hygienic, good at what they do, and primed to last for years and years, look no further than our collection of copper sauté pans. 


Saute Pans at CopperSmith

Choosing the best pan is essential for making the best food. However, with our extensive options and your own personal needs, it can be challenging to find the best piece for you. That said, we want to help! Start an online chat with one of our experts for guidance whenever you need it. We can answer any of your questions and are more than happy to address your concerns. Not to mention, we offer free shipping to our customers with orders over $200. Don’t miss out — start shopping today!


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