Sauce Pans

For high quality, durable cookware that you can rely on our copper sauce pans are the ideal choice. Made from the finest copper and stainless steel, these copper pots provide excellent conductivity and heat distribution to meet the demands of a busy kitchen. Hammered & Smooth Finish.


Copper Sauce Pans

Sauce pans are for much more than just making sauce! With these taller, smaller kitchen cookware staples, you can do anything from make individually-sized hot chocolate beverages to making manageable portions of rice! Of course, they can also be used to make incredible sauces and dips to go along with larger portions of food.

How, though, can you be sure that you’re getting a truly great sauce pan? We’ll start by defining a true sauce pan before talking about the different types of metal and how they can best be used for this versatile piece of cookware. We’ll also discuss the alternatives you can consider if you don’t believe you need a sauce pan—however, the true value of such a versatile kitchen staple as the sauce pan cannot be overstated.


What is a Sauce Pan?

A sauce pan is a deep pan with straight, high sides. With a long handle and a lid, this pan features a very small surface area on its base — which allows for good heat distribution throughout the entire volume of liquid it happens to be cooking.

The height of the sauce pan is one of its main selling points, as it allows a large amount of hot liquid to be confined to one smaller area — definitely a perk when you’re working with many pots on a condensed stovetop. This also reduces the likelihood of spilling and of liquids boiling over, so the higher the walls of your sauce pan, the safer your kitchen will be.

Sauce pans are slightly larger than their smaller siblings, sauciers, and they’re smaller than stockpots. This makes them a flexible offering in your kitchen, as they aren’t limited to tiny, one-person amounts of pasta; and they’re much easier to handle and clean than weightier stockpots, especially when you aren’t working with that much liquid.


Which Metals are Best for Sauce Pans?

Because sauce pans are already configured for optimal heat distribution, you’ll want to choose a metal that will assist with, rather than detract from, this quality. Metals which heat up quickly and sustain that high temperatures are good choices. Some examples might be stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

Our expert recommendation would be to invest in copper sauce pans. It may be a higher investment upfront, but there’s a reason why copper has been the go-to cooking metal of choice for centuries. It’s non-reactive, it can take the high heat without stress, and it even has anti-microbial properties that can work to keep you safe innately. 


Its conductive qualities — the same qualities that make it a go-to choice for electricians in modernity — make copper a fantastic choice for making sure your food is cooked evenly and quickly. You won’t have to worry about your sauce burning or sticking to the pan because copper pans feature a smooth and easy to clean surface. So, no more hours spent scrubbing!


It doesn’t hurt that the rosy, warm hue of copper is incredibly on-trend right now; yet, due to its timeless appeal, copper products are unlikely to go out of style anytime soon. Investing in a sauce pan made of copper is an investment that will last you a lifetime.


CopperSmith Sauce Pans

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