Fry Pans

Our Copper Frying Pans are more than ideal for pan frying, searing, shallow frying, flambéing and sautéing your dishes, and will last for a few lifetimes. The best frying pans in the World, perfect heat conductors that will give you ultimate control over your cooking. Offered in hammered & smooth.


Copper Fry Pans

There are few staples of comfort food confections more truly delicious than fried food. No matter what it is—chicken, fish, even cheese or vegetables, there’s something about a good piece of fried food that truly satisfies, each and every time. 

While it might be tempting to think that you have to go to a restaurant every time you crave a good piece of fried chicken, it’s easy to get that crunch factor at home as long as you have the right equipment. For great fried food at home, look no further than a great fry pan.


Choosing the Right Fry Pan for You

Fry pans combine the utility of a pot with the accessibility of a skillet: these deep, flat-bottomed powerhouses have high, slightly sloped edges which make them a good choice for more than just frying food. However, when you’d looking to fry food, these pans are your best option. Wondering which one’s the right pan for you? Here are a few decisions you may wish to mull over before shopping:


  • Size: Fry pans most frequently come in 12-, 10-, and 8-inch diameter sizes. If you’re cooking for one or two, 8-inch pans are extremely convenient: they hold just enough to feed a few. However, for those who routinely cook for a crowd, the larger pan is likely best


  • Thickness or Gauge: The thickness of your frying pan will also be a consideration. Frying pan thickness is measured in either gauge or mils. The thicker the pan, the more even heat distribution will be; but it will also take longer to heat up this way. Therefore, if you’re going to be frying more delicate, thin items, you’ll want a thinner-bottomed pan; however, for most applications (and for ultimate durability and longevity), you’ll want a thicker 10-gauge pan.


  • Riveted or Rivet-Free: Ever wondered how the handle of your pan attaches to the bowl? In many cases, if you look at the side of your pan near the handle, you’ll see metal bumps or rivets. The benefit of a riveted handle is simple: it’s one of the strongest ways to fuse two materials, and it will never shift or fall apart. However, cleaning around rivets takes extra care to ensure that no bacteria forms in the grooves; going rivet-free is one way to get a smoother cooking surface and eliminate that concern.


  • Handle Types: When you’re looking at handles, your primary concern should be not burning yourself! Looking for a hollowed handle or one that comes with a rubber sleeve is a good idea for your safety.


Different Metals and Frying with Finesse

Fry pans come in many different metals, from stainless steel to aluminum to cast-iron. Each metal has its benefits: steel is incredibly conductive, for example, while cast-iron is great for a perfect sear. 


Our choice? Frying with copper not only looks wonderful, but gets the job done well. Copper’s conductive properties make food cook quickly and more evenly, resulting in tender, 100% safe heat distribution for your dishes! An investment in copper fry pans is one you will never regret. 


Why CopperSmith

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